Alone In Pain

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Gave this "lonely oriented" acoustic gem a try.

Thanks frenzie =)
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April 28 2016 01:44:38
Psycho Thank you very much JL... I think these long solos are my trademark for life... lol :) +0
You think you are in a rut do ya? Well this is a fine jam. It's really good.+2
April 27 2016 01:40:03
Psycho You make a good point... no more public pity parties :) Thanks G !! +1
Great ballad+1
April 26 2016 00:30:44
Psycho Thanks Doc... frenz created a great one to play on. I tried :) +0
Nice ride Psy.+1
April 26 2016 00:06:15
Psycho Thanks Frankie... I honestly feel things are not flowing right these days, but I really appreciate you all hangin in there with me :) +1
April 26 2016 01:48:39
FrankieJ I think we all go thru that Psy. I know I do.
And we are our own worse critic at times. Keep jammin brother. :)
NOW that is that fat, overdriven sound of a tube amp from a Les Paul! It's great because you were able to sound with full of impact without overpowering Frenzie's acoustic!+1
April 26 2016 00:04:36
Psycho Yes, I do like the tone. You find the good in music... thank you for that kenny :) +0
awww what a tittle! and hear that guitar..Big Psy this track have that great emotion! your expressive play tell the stories through the sound!+1
April 26 2016 00:03:00
Psycho Thank you Big Al... I gave this one the best I could the other day :) You're very kind !! +0
Bruce..this one is stunning. Emotional.
I just love your perfect phrasing and perfeclty placed runs.
Your tone is always spot on:)
April 26 2016 00:01:45
Psycho I'm always awed by what some think is ok and I am not all that happy with, but such is music... thank you very much mort :) +1
April 26 2016 05:32:01
Girard Your problem with things is measured in microseconds. People don't notice what your internal clock can. I feel like i'm in a rut sometimes but the foreign feeling my own playing gives me sometimes is the development in action... +1
April 26 2016 13:29:44
mortheol Girard I agree with you. Also for some people it is not always the completely perfect and polished things in life that appeal to some. It is the odd little things here and there that create the odd beauty that nature provides us. I have always liked things that are slightly skewed, art, music, food, my musical abilities, etc...
I often think my music is "crap" half the time anymore..but it brings me a lot of inner happiness just to be able to play again. are truly talented and have a gift:)
April 26 2016 17:02:15
Girard The idea that a musical piece has to be perfect in every second of play is an unfortunate development in western commercialized music. I guarantee you tribes who play music during rituals don't sit there going Hmmm 2:24 of the rain dance chant sounded pitchy! Or that the bongo at 1:12 didn't thump as hard as it did at 1:04. I just don't get it. I see no purpose for that level of concern in a jam setting between friends. +1
April 26 2016 18:43:57
mortheol Amen..Brother:) +1
April 27 2016 01:38:38
Psycho Great insight and good lesson my friends... Psycho is grateful for the fine friends he has here :) +1
Great feeling, great sound, great track! So good Bruce! :)+1
April 26 2016 00:00:25
Psycho I really appreciate you guys comments... thank you Stef :) +0
always expressive, very good Psych+1
April 25 2016 23:58:58
Psycho Thanks ivax... I have been rushing things this week. Time is scarce :) +2
Great playing as always Bruce:)+1
April 25 2016 23:58:08
Psycho Thanks very much Kei :) +1

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