You Make Me Sing

Remix step #5 (playing)


Marceys553 jams Supporter
+ 23
I heard the track of Kenny just before my weekend. I wasn't able to record at that moment so promissed myself to record as soon I came home.
In the meantime Alice and Alex did an amazing job on the track!

I just had to accompanny them with some, piano, rhodes, strings & phazer pad.

Had a good time on the track, hope te balance is oke!




August 31 2016 23:22:07

April 27 2016 14:08:37
cool song ! lovely :)
+1 April 27 2016 21:34:44 OliVBee Marceys
Was already a cool track, I added just some small sounds and accents!
April 27 2016 13:40:29
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Hi Marc. Wow. I told Alice that I got very sad when I finished my upload and Alexj had just uploaded too. By that moment I thought "ok Mark is going to make a great sound out from this remix"!!! So it is....
+1 April 27 2016 21:32:57 Marcelo D Marceys
Thanks a lot! Your version is very rich with beautiful taste! :)
April 25 2016 11:41:25
well, there we are! perfect :)
+1 April 25 2016 13:16:16 alexj Marceys
Hey Alex! Was cool riding with you again! :) Thanks for that!
April 25 2016 11:15:48
Holy Crap!!! I love everything about this song! You guys did an amazing job on it! :)
+1 April 25 2016 13:15:43 slynch1967 Marceys
Thanks slynch! Think it's cool too! :)
April 25 2016 09:09:45
OH Marc! OH! OH Marc.....You just made me happy right here buddy! That subtle solo on the mid part was enormously sooo good!!! The layering of the phasers and strings just made this track fly so high! Love dancing at work!

Too bad I made a very long solo, it could have been used by your beautiful keys or some soloists, so sorry man :(

+1 April 25 2016 09:26:04 kennyadry Marceys
The track became even cooler after I listened your guitartrack! The progression is very smooth! Glad you like this version too Kenny, thanks for your track, enjoyed it very much! :) :)
April 25 2016 08:59:40
Great highlit Marc! You always have the words which it is necessary :)
+1 April 25 2016 09:24:23 titi Marceys
Tried to blend in! :)
April 25 2016 08:51:21
Hoppa!!! Great addition Marceys to an already awesome song.. it only gets better :)
+1 April 25 2016 09:23:50 Moor Marceys
Thanks a lot! :)
April 25 2016 08:15:42
oh yeahhh! how I miss this feeling...uplifting ! yooo hommie! loving every color you poured to this track...what a sweet happy track it is! liking the solo too! so glad to have you in the track Marc!
+0 April 25 2016 08:31:37 aleonz Marceys
Glad you like it Alice! There was allready so much cool stuff in the track that i had to watch out not to step on some-one toes! :)
April 25 2016 08:33:52 aleonz aleonz
you're not ..I never found you step into other toes so this track from all sides!
April 25 2016 02:43:42
this is a great jam !
+1 April 25 2016 08:02:08 goldtop68 Marceys
Thanks goldtop! :)
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