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I put away 3 pots of coffee playing with this incredible template with ddruszkowski on guitar, KellsBells on vocals, and HiFiFlutes on Flute. First thing I did was figure out what I wanted on the bass. Then took #68154, dropped it into my DAW (Pro Tools), and then added the HQ track for guitar and x2 vocals on separate tracks. I ran the second (HQ) guitar to Guitar rig5 and mixed it in. I then used the 2 HQ vocal tracks to add a sense of sorrow, and then mixed then 2 together. I EQ'd all the tracks and bounced them down. The end result, for me, was an amazing piece of work. I think this track is awesome. To fully hear everything going on I'd recommend headphones. Please comment on the mix, good/bad, whatever you feel... I'm trying to learn what works. I hope you enjoy.


May 19 2016 13:00:37

I've follow you with a bass track.

April 27 2016 07:09:03
francisco alfrancisco al
bim trabalho

April 25 2016 14:05:13
Your 3 pots of coffee did not fail you and neither did your mixing skills! You worked really hard on this and it shows! Sounds great slynch! Ddruszkowki wrote an amazing song and Chris' flute fits in perfectly. Your bass line is wonderful too! Neat what you did with the vocals! Really enjoying this. I'm with Chris, I will listen to this many times! Thank you for your dedication to this track! :D
+1 April 25 2016 14:51:12 KellsBells slynch1967
Thank you :) I enjoy mixing as much as I do playing. And when I have the kind of talent you guys bring to the table, it's even that much more enjoyable.
April 25 2016 13:29:14
Love it ! great work. You are dedicated to the art :) I listen while I get ready for work. very enjoyable. Many thanks. Chris
+1 April 25 2016 13:40:09 HiFiFlutes slynch1967
Thank you, Chris. Glad you enjoyed it :) Have a nice day.
April 25 2016 13:52:58 HiFiFlutes HiFiFlutes
I will enjoy it again and again :) so I say again, thank you !
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