"Love Me Til The End" - "I Will"

Remix step #2 (playing)


Funkystan120 jams Supporter
+ 12
Jody, you make me vibe!!!
Listening back to my add. It only works with an headphone on… I'm gonna work further on it…
I've left the bassline on this, but HD track is: "guitars only" + Voices.

The only problem on Tripp family's tracks is that they are too
I also am a Brat, sorry^^

I've done it 2 weeks ago, very fast, and I'm working back on it 'cause I want to add voices on this...

Voices in my head said: "do this..."
(You see Frank I follow mine too...)
I wanted to keep this track for me 'cause once uploaded I almost never listen back to my tracks.

I do hope it works. I do hope you'll like it.
Voices said to do it a bit in a Portishead's spirit...
Classical Isaac Hayes bassline copied on a "Bach's" harmony (my opinion...) and reverded...

If anything needed, just mail me ^^


April 26 2016 02:04:17
great arr Stan! you make a great music background for the vocal!
+1 April 26 2016 08:38:13 aleonz Funkystan
Thanks a lot Alice... Hope it Jody will have the same feeling ^^... Looking forward to taking care of your voice soon ^^
April 25 2016 21:29:45
nice bluesy amb :)
+1 April 25 2016 23:13:48 GuitarPlyr Funkystan
You mean wonderful voice ? :)
April 25 2016 17:52:09
Beautiful add
+1 April 25 2016 23:13:19 garymcmill Funkystan
Thanks a lot Gary ^^
April 25 2016 17:11:20
beautiful mood to this - ur guitar is so good :)
+1 April 25 2016 17:46:25 bhunt1 Funkystan
Thanks a lot Brian ^^
April 25 2016 16:08:55
Really cool track Stan ! Super playing, stéréo effects, mix... La totale quoi ! :)
+1 April 25 2016 16:12:52 titi Funkystan
Thanks a lot Titi... Je bosse sur une voix... Mais je reste timide à écouter Jody ^^
April 25 2016 15:45:42
cody trippcody tripp
Super cool
+1 April 25 2016 15:48:48 cody tripp Funkystan
Many thanks Cody... I love Jody's voice... She said in her comments that you are a Brat... I'm a brat too... Solidarity on this ^^
April 25 2016 15:43:07
Thanks Kenny... I just played and never worried about that :) When headphones on listening to an angel's voice, I wasn't able to do anything. I guess it took me an hour before being able to play anything. Then 15mn... ^^

April 25 2016 15:37:11
Nice arrangements Stan! Were you able to figure out the time signature? I thought it was 3/4, but I think it was something else...I tried this but gave up, I ran out of gas :D
+1 April 25 2016 15:43:40 kennyadry Funkystan
Sorry Kenny, I've replied at the wrong place... Up there ^^

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