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Again something in old "Shadows"-style.Maybe suitable for adding electric lead guitar or other lead instruments. Even singing seems possible. For example by this gentleman with a bluesy voice and fantastic lyric skills:-)))). A "guide" lead line is included - the backing track only is added.Done with the latest expensive studio equipment:-))): "EasyBand Studio" for Android and Magix Music Maker 2014 Premium. Easy Band Studio is a chord-sequencer with prefab arrangement parts. But you have to arrange the chords and the ...
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Old guitar rock "Shadows"-style


francisco al
bom trabalho R1772. bonito+0
Pit Brett
sehr gut Rainer! schöne Akkordverbindungen und tolle Melodien :)+1
April 27 2016 23:53:10
Pit Brett
R1772 Hallo Pit. Freut mich sehr!Vielen Dank. +1
och wie schööön, ich schwelge in Erinnerungen ;o)+1
April 26 2016 10:58:06
R1772 Schön, Uli. Ich freue mich immer, wenn ich den Hörer "erreiche":-) +0
sounds great - really good mix on this everything is very clear and jumps out at you - well done+1
April 26 2016 11:00:09
R1772 Thanks so much. I´m happy you think so.Such comments by fine "real" guitar and bass players are very helpful and encouraging for "programmers" like me!:-))) +1

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