Don't Stay Boy Blues

Remix step #5 (playing)
United States


mortheol233 jams Supporter
+ 9
I told David I would put on my "Blues Man Cape" and give this one a go!

I don't do too much Blues these days, so here it goes..I hope it works...:)

Thanks to MP, Kells, David, and Keiton for this cools blues track.


April 26 2016 23:45:17
Thank you for joining Mor, great blues feeling is here :)
+1 April 27 2016 05:01:07 Keiton mortheol
Thanks so much Keiton...I had fun:)
April 26 2016 07:28:56
that was a superman cape... this has just made this for me great playing Mort love the sound
+1 April 26 2016 13:55:40 davidaustin mortheol
Thanks so much Dave!!
I was hoping you would like it.:)
BUT...I tend to think of myself more like Batman.:P
April 26 2016 07:20:34
Dirty gritty Blues playing here!! It's great sliding Ron, fits super!! :)
+1 April 26 2016 13:53:29 frankyguitar mortheol
Vielen Dank Frank. Ich habe den Blues!:D
It is a good way to practice my slide. I don't do enough of it.
April 26 2016 21:17:47 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Slipping and sliding...... :)
April 26 2016 04:53:56
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 April 26 2016 13:51:07 Lenny Cowler mortheol
Thanks Lenny...I got the blues:D
April 26 2016 04:44:31
Dayam, that was smoking hot. Great electricity here super duper awesome.
+1 April 26 2016 13:50:04 Girard mortheol
Thanks Gird, I dug extra deep and channeled my inner blues man on this.
It gives me a chance to keep learning some slide stuff.
April 26 2016 16:54:36 Girard Girard
Reminded me of the dead playing little red rooster with that gritty quality!
April 26 2016 03:37:03
I need that cape !!!!! :) sounds great cranked up... good one mort !!
+1 April 26 2016 13:48:25 Psycho mortheol
Hey Psy....just PM me your address and I will FedEx it to you overnight.:)
It is made from the finest burlap.:P
April 26 2016 03:13:43
The cape still fits! ;) Love those dirty slides!! That was a fun jam! Thanks, mortheol! :D
+1 April 26 2016 13:45:36 KellsBells mortheol
Kells Thanks so much:D
Your singing is VERY GOOD on this.
You have a awesome voice and I look forward to doing some more with you.:)
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