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I think the lyrics speak for themselves.. but.. maybe it's better I add that this song is not about me. This song is based on a story about a psychiatric patient that lost his sense of reality after a break up..

This was a difficult yet very nice practise for me.. I do speak german but i'm not great at it. None the less I decided to write a song in German. Why? Because the instrumental version by Stef and Psycho asked this of me. ..
I used google and german online dictionary to help me through difficult parts. But I'm sure there are still flaws. Also I clearly have an accent.. but I hope you can hear pass that.


October 05 2016 00:02:31
sehr gut, und Deutsche singen auch Englisch und ich finde es sehr gut das du es auf deutsch singst. ich kann wahrscheinlich nicht so gut englisch und schon garnicht niederländisch.
trau dich bitte öfter:)
Ich hör dir so gerne:)

September 19 2016 23:39:16
Ein faszinierendes Stück.... 👍👍

August 29 2016 19:43:38
Mann... Wahnsinn!! Schmeiß vielleicht ein paar Strings drauf, wenn ich Zeit finde.

April 30 2016 21:19:56
WOW !! Brilliant Moore !! Sehr sehr gute Wortwahl und Übersetzung. Sehr viel Arbeit !!!!! Wunderbar !!
Very good work !!

+0 April 30 2016 22:02:21 frankyguitar Moor
Thank you Franky :) I love singing in other languages it opens up new horizons :)
April 30 2016 21:12:35
Utterly brilliant, Moor!
+1 April 30 2016 22:01:41 mpointon Moor
Thank you Mpointon! It was a challenge on many fields and glad I took it :)
April 30 2016 21:09:21
i heard it again together with AKchen, it`s so fantastic ;o)
+1 April 30 2016 22:01:10 Uloisius Moor
I'm really happy you like it so much Uloisius! :) :)
April 29 2016 18:37:22
German madness!! I like it! :)
+1 April 29 2016 18:56:55 Ernie440 Moor
Thank you Pudsy :)
April 27 2016 00:52:50
I am so impressed for your outstanding contribution ! When I played this theme I had in mind certain images connected to the psyche and you have translated everything in words so amazing! Really genial! Thank you so much Moor! :)
+1 April 27 2016 09:18:02 Stef Moor
The tempo... the sounds... to me.. it had to have some lyrics that reflected it. Then I remember some of the psychiatric patients I encountered in my life.. and felt like reflecting their possible mindset in a song
April 26 2016 23:43:00
Wow, very good Moor... a great theme and format for this. Really enjoyed and thanks :)
+1 April 27 2016 09:18:57 Psycho Moor
Thank you Psycho.. the guitar part adds the desired 'drama' in the track to reflect the state of the lyrics. Awesome!
April 26 2016 21:26:15
fits nicely :)
+1 April 27 2016 09:19:10 OliVBee Moor
Thank you OliVBee :)
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