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Some basic metal drums. Tried to make them loud. We'll have to see how it turned out. The single WAVE file for this is only 16BIT. The 32Bit was too large Volume comes down some in the verse, back up thru the prechorus into the chorus. The very last chorus is a slightly different pattern Volume stays up during bridge. Then there is a 2 part solo section. 1st part is sort of a "free time" feel then the 2nd part goes back into ...
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Metal, rock, Groove, heavy


for some reason I cant get the colors to save correctly. Its prechorus, chorus, chorus at the end lol+1
April 26 2016 23:17:54
SupJax count 13 colors. i can't use more than 11 tabs since a while :D +1
April 27 2016 02:13:32
JonJon I thought that might be it +0
like the snaring, sounds good
i use compressor to create dynamic & trashy waves in drum action, hihats - doublebass etc. for volumes i use mp3gain mostly. at least to check decibel, 95db is enough for solo drums
April 26 2016 23:17:42
JonJon is that a vst? "mp3gain"? +0
April 26 2016 23:20:25
SupJax it's a very tiny program. only for volume changes, not the best choice, but it's an easy and quick volume fix. free software +1
Great template. I like the laid back tempo. It'll let those snarling guitars breath and the bass show more+1
April 27 2016 02:12:39
JonJon right up your alley brother lol +1
April 28 2016 03:46:37
PeterVeillon I also like that it's over 3 mins. Need more like that +1
April 28 2016 04:04:59
JonJon haha, im the total opposite. Every extra minute adds like 2 hours of sweat for me lol. If I see something like 2 minutes long I start to get interested +0
perfect ride:)+1
Nice template+1
Good one JJ... just heard Peter over this... too cool !!+1
great development
I like this,
May 01 2016 21:40:48
Juan Luis
JonJon gracias hermano +0
bom trabalho JonJon+1
Great drums, well stucture!!+1
September 15 2016 15:52:16
JonJon its a little longwinded at the beginning, but most of the drums I have done are right at 3:00 long so I did this one a little more stretched out +1

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