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jaeusm132 jams Supporter
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Excellent track by Baer, Ake, and Stef! My first blues on wikiloops :)


April 30 2016 14:58:04
you nailed this track in a very wonderful way Jae!
+1 April 30 2016 17:45:42 aleonz jaeusm
Thank you very much!
April 30 2016 04:51:04
Thats super bass!
+1 April 30 2016 06:21:19 akethesnaker jaeusm
Thank you :)
April 28 2016 19:54:02
Hi J, I have a japanese fretless fender jazz bass "special" ... it has both a jazz pickup and a precision style pickups as well. That would prob make it hard to change them out, need two different sets?? I really hate the tone of this bass .. I find the pickups so flat sounding. Anyway .. just thinking out loud in your bass thread ... haha YOu really got me thinking about pup replacement! Any thoughts or none are both welcome, haha :D
+1 April 28 2016 20:07:22 Ernie440 jaeusm
I'm partial to EMG, so I'd look at these (probably the PJX):

One other thing to consider is that these pickups are active, so they require a battery. There's a good video demonstrating how to get the battery in your bass if it doesn't have a battery compartment:
April 28 2016 20:35:06 Ernie440 Ernie440
OIC ... active .. hmmm .. this bass isn't active but some of those "specials" are... I'll take a look at the PJ models ... thanks!! Cool bro, thank you!
April 28 2016 13:48:46
... and the blues by jaeusm .. done perfectly like all your tracks, with that clear tone and punch you always achieve - Bravo! This is great! :)
+1 April 28 2016 14:20:14 Ernie440 jaeusm
Thanks Pudsy!

The clear tone comes from a set of EMG JVX pickups. I really like the sound I get with them. :)
April 28 2016 15:29:05 Ernie440 Ernie440
I swapped my Fender Jazz pickups out many years ago, thought they were crap, lol .. is that what you did? I've yet to use my Fender on any tracks, maybe I'll try it. :)
April 28 2016 16:16:47 Ernie440 jaeusm
I swapped the pickups out of a G&L JB. I still have the stock pickups in my Fender. The nice thing about the EMGs is that they require no soldering.
April 28 2016 16:22:24 Ernie440 Ernie440
Ahh I see, that is nice .. no soldering. My jazz is an American 1981 model and I really found them flat sounding with no life. Got to say, I'm not really crazy about the dimarzio's I put in the fender either. oh well! The Emg's sound great. :)
April 28 2016 10:25:00
Glad you clarified first on the loops, cause you know the blues :)
Icing on the cake. Well done.

+1 April 28 2016 13:34:34 FrankieJ jaeusm
Thanks Frankie!
April 28 2016 09:58:39
Hey Jason , your first blues ? I hope to hear still many so well executed like this ... :) Excellent walkin ' bass! Sound full and accurate! Thanks my friend! :)
+2 April 28 2016 13:31:33 Stef jaeusm
Thank you Stef!
April 28 2016 09:56:31
Nice blues bass bro😊😁
+1 April 28 2016 13:29:06 petebass jaeusm
Thanks Pete:)
April 28 2016 07:38:28
and may there be many more, great track.
+1 April 28 2016 08:28:37 davidaustin jaeusm
Thanks man!
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