Blood in my Veins (Remix )

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REMIX!!! Here was my mix of our tune. Josh and I mixed together! Loved working on this with him and these great musicians!


May 21 2016 19:09:33
CarpenterCarpenter Absolutely Brilliant song, Kells...!

April 30 2016 13:17:21
aleonzaleonz always glad to hear you both blending in a song kelly & Josh! excellent song! super cool track from you all!
+1 April 30 2016 15:29:14 aleonzKellsBells
Thanks Al! Josh is always fun to sing with.
April 29 2016 16:44:38
SupJaxSupJax ah, nice stereo difference. amazing. i was thinking of a duet addition with Herman and Mishteria. you both are great. volume is way too much for me, i just like the drum-guitar loudness :D but there's nothing to criticize, great to see you had fun on that one. nice main theme, lyricals, melodics, ambitions, won't forget
+0 April 30 2016 15:33:53 SupJaxKellsBells
I have terrible mixing skills,lol. In my headphones it sounded ok, on other mediums I am tending to agree with you about the vocal volume.The music is so HUGE on this track, it is outstanding. 1:48 is my favorite piano sound. ;) It just rings out at the perfect time. I may play with this song some more yet. Nothing says this has to be the final version, right? :p Herman and Mish would do a killer job with this tune too! :D
May 01 2016 16:26:01 SupJaxSupJax
ha, 1:50 caused by accident lol. it's not really played like this, delay did the most work. lucky melodics :D
April 29 2016 03:44:27
jamladyjamlady very cool!
+1 April 29 2016 03:48:05 jamladyKellsBells
Thank you kindly! :)
April 29 2016 02:43:15
GirardGirard Amazing lineup of ALL my favorite peeps! WOW now with The Great Psy too!~
+2 April 29 2016 03:47:45 GirardKellsBells
Thanks G! I'm getting ready to go listen to Psy's now and Keiton! :D Just off work to find three remixes! Happy! :)
April 29 2016 03:49:11 GirardGirard
April 28 2016 23:56:42
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Very cool tune here !! Nice job Kells !!
+2 April 29 2016 03:50:41 WHITEPONGOKellsBells
Thank you Chris! Love this backing track! Very Jerry Cantrell-esque and he is one of my favorite rock guitarists ever! :D Guadana nailed this!
April 28 2016 23:19:51
PsychoPsycho Great job Kelly... one of my favorite evil songs that you done to date and with Josh it's killer !! :)
+2 April 29 2016 03:51:23 PsychoKellsBells
:D I am just home from work and ball practice! Excited to listen to your remixes! :D
April 28 2016 22:14:17
axenvocsaxenvocs :) sweet
+2 April 29 2016 03:51:35 axenvocsKellsBells
Thank you so much!
April 29 2016 16:59:01 axenvocsSupJax
thx for the review axe!
April 28 2016 20:22:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This sounds very good Kelly!! Very cool song! :)
+2 April 29 2016 03:52:04 frankyguitarKellsBells
Thanks Franky! Josh wrote a good one! :)
April 28 2016 20:17:45
frenziefrenzie I like this version :) cool song!! :)
+1 April 29 2016 03:52:28 frenzieKellsBells
I like this one with both of us singing too. Thank you frenzie! :)
April 29 2016 11:58:59 frenziefrenzie
you're welcome sis :)

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