The Way We Roll

Costa Rica
Guitar & Drums:
Keiton1216 jams
United States
Vocals & Guitar:
Major 3rd859 jams
step II
Costa Rica
Bass & Sequencer:
Keiton1216 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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Thanks to Major 3rd:) Major 3rd was added the singing and guitar solo. I added a bass further. Have fun!
Tagged as / Sounds like:
Rock, Extreme


Cool work guys!! :)+2
April 28 2016 20:22:20
Keiton Thank you so much Tom :) +1
Nice job mixing this together Kei... way cool buddy !!+2
January 08 2017 03:34:04
Keiton Sorry for eelay, thank you so much Bruce:) +1
Lenny Cowler
Wow!!!Great bro:)+2
January 08 2017 03:32:50
Lenny Cowler
Keiton Thanks a lot Lenny :) +1
Major 3rd
Nice Keiton! thank you as well....bass worked well! Sounds good...;O) Great tune you wrote!+1
April 28 2016 19:32:04
Major 3rd
Keiton I'm very grateful to you. I think I wanna write a new song again Want you to tell me some of your favorite band name :) +1
April 28 2016 19:58:22
Major 3rd
Major 3rd sent ya PM +1
April 28 2016 20:02:59
Major 3rd
Keiton Okay:) +1
WOW IS RIGHT guys .. RADIO air play time .This is the way to roll .G+1
January 08 2017 03:32:04
Keiton Thanks a lot bro :) +0
Yeahhhhhh ! It's rock !!
Major 3rd
back again! sounds great Keiton!:D+1
Major 3rd
back for a listen! great mix keiton!+1
April 17 2022 22:24:51
Major 3rd
Keiton I don't believe it we made it as real now. Because of you. I can't create this only me. Thanks a lot:) +1
April 18 2022 06:52:52
Major 3rd
Keiton I look forward to three years from now:D +1
April 18 2022 17:54:50
Major 3rd
Major 3rd :D +0

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