Rockin the Blue Potato

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Ernie440609 jams Supporter

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Ever had a blue potato? I grew them one year .. didn't like 'em much .. they gave me the blues man! Had fun with this great old blues track of Baer and Akes ... thanks for the memories! :)


May 03 2016 07:22:59
GirardGirard Still sounds like a summer festival to me

April 30 2016 04:36:11
akethesnakerakethesnaker Yeah! Very nice! Think I have tried them like once, you never see them here. King Edward is the shit!:)
+1 April 30 2016 12:55:13 akethesnakerErnie440
Thanks Ake, the worst thing about the blue potatoes is you can't see if the sun has scalded them and turned them green creating that poison. I'm checkin' out King Edwards right now .. don't think they're too common in Canada.
April 29 2016 13:10:54
GirardGirard The blue potatoes gave you the blues huh? LOL :D Hey this is perfect, good rolling down the interstate.
+1 April 29 2016 13:13:19 GirardErnie440
Crazy stuff .. haha .. you can hear this on the road?? high tech dude! See u later bro .. i'm off.
April 29 2016 13:14:44 GirardGirard
A phone plus bluetooth in the car stereo or an aux input is all. Most people have it lol
April 29 2016 15:34:51 GirardErnie440
Not me man, now don't go makin' fun of an old country man. Don't even have a cell phone. Pretty good with my computer though. :P
April 29 2016 16:03:54 GirardGirard
Lol alright then.
April 29 2016 09:19:28
frenziefrenzie Cool track ernie! :) I like it :) no green or purple patatoe please :D
+1 April 29 2016 13:07:49 frenzieErnie440
haha ... thanks .. blue potatoes and fish are traditional in some parts of Nova Scotia here.
April 28 2016 22:12:38
axenvocsaxenvocs I like it :)
+1 April 28 2016 22:37:04 axenvocsErnie440
Cool bro, thanks!
April 28 2016 20:37:08
davidaustindavidaustin you`ve been in the vaults... great track.
+1 April 28 2016 20:38:41 davidaustinErnie440
Thanks David .. it could use some lead! :)
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