The End Of Time

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This track is superb from Kenny. So challenging! It's been laying around in my DAW since the day Noah went, "hmm, I've got some wood in the shed, I think I'll make a boat".

Anyway, I don't have Mike Portnoy, or Mike Mangini or any of the other epic prog drummers on speed dial so I'll have to do. My shoulder is not too bad today but, after doing this loop, it was. The price of art!

Did my best to ...


So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!+2
Great Martin,Awesome track+1
Yes, ol kenny is one heck of a player and you too with those drums buddy, this kicks man !!+1
April 29 2016 00:04:28
mpointon Thank you, Psycho! The 13/4 section was a pig to do! Kenny knows how to do tracks where you think, "yeah, I'll have a go" and then you realise how hard they are! +2
Awesome, great cohesion ^^+1
epic drumming buddy ! whatta track :)+1
April 29 2016 01:22:23
mpointon Thank you, Oli. I always appreciate your opinion! +1
Agree with OliV' !!!
I had already given a shot on this one but it deserves to go back :)
April 29 2016 01:16:22
mpointon Please! +1
Fantastic one of the best drum along performances I've heard on here !!!!+1
April 29 2016 01:55:21
mpointon Really, Lairdy? Thank you! I don't believe it but thank you anyway. I'm taken aback! +1
Cool drumming is here again from martin :)+1
was worth the sore shoulder !(easy for us to say)+1
great jam! This is a bit out of the ordinary for you and kenny I think but you guys nailed it!+1

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