Morning Light (Brit Rap Version)

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FunkyStan and FrankyGuitar - you asked for it, so here it is, Brit rap, I tried lol :-D


May 21 2016 02:12:41
Stella! That was Stellar! :D

May 06 2016 17:29:38
BOOM Ya'...:D
+1 May 06 2016 19:13:07 mortheol Stella
I so wanted to be an American man, don't seem right me doing this, but it seems to work lol!
May 01 2016 17:00:19
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 May 01 2016 18:57:27 Lenny Cowler Stella
Awww, thankyou Lenny ;)
May 01 2016 00:39:34
LYRICS - Morning Light

I think I'm busy, keeping that busy
Steady on the lippy, hustling real hard
Got a bag full of cash, make them haters real mad, hating cos they don't know how to make bread, so I close my eyes, work and stay on, so must I go from dusk til dawn, 24/7, 3-6-5, Waited so long, now it's my time
I study when I'm running in the limelight, hah, you steady running your mouth, cos I rhyme tight,so I close my eyes, work and stay on, so must I go from dusk til dawn
(From rags to riches, never go back, that's why I have to stay fresh on tracks X2)
(I'm on a hustle, I'm on a grind, everything I see
I make it mine X2)
You gotta live your life right, I just want to hang tight til the morning light, til the morning
That's right, that's right, that's right, that's right
I'm gonna make it happen, I'm at a young age,and I'm a classic like a white chick paid, with some diamonds and a black skirt, I talk slick, floors don't hurt me
I hear them talking, carry cash in a loot bag, seems like I stack everything in the bank, some will be tight, Scarface Al Pacino, welcome to reality, your bank account says zero, congratulations for being that dumb, you just made me laugh
And you'll be stunned
I'm on a hustle, I'm on a grind, everything I see, I make it mine
I'm supposed to shine, next in line, so thanks for the pounds I get paid for rhyme, stack up money like I want to built mountains, You can call it large amounts that I'm counting
(I'm on a hustle, I'm on a grind, everything I see, I make it mine X2)

You gotta live your life right, I just want to hang tight, til the morning light, til the morning, that's right, that's right, that's right, that's right

May 01 2016 00:27:23
:O where have u been all this time??.. soo happy i found u.. big fat thumb for this!! yeah:D
+1 May 01 2016 00:49:36 woXey Stella
Thankyou, it's not my normal style, or normal self lol FunkyStan and Frankyguitar made me rap :D
April 30 2016 22:09:03
cody trippcody tripp
Very Cool
+1 April 30 2016 23:40:06 cody tripp Stella
Brit rap :D Thanks
April 30 2016 22:04:11
Great! Cool song! Good job Stella! :)
+1 April 30 2016 23:39:43 frenzie Stella
First time i ever 'rapped' First take was hilarious :D
May 01 2016 00:04:20 frenzie frenzie
First steps :) well you got the hang of it rather quick ;)
April 30 2016 21:00:00
Hey Stella. Sounds like a hit :) Very cool idea.
+1 April 30 2016 21:08:59 JDF Stella
Sounds like Iggy Azalea, and i don't rate her lol :D lol
April 30 2016 21:09:36 JDF Stella
But thanks for a nice comment! :)
April 30 2016 18:01:01
Funkyfresh... Downloaded ^^
+1 April 30 2016 21:08:17 Funkystan Stella
Thanks for the rap request, you've unleashed my inner beast lol :-D
April 30 2016 21:53:56 Funkystan Funkystan
Wow… I guess we should keep that talk private :)
I had the feeling you could do it great ^^
Check out #69200, hope you'll like it…
I'm gone work on your track… I'll come back to you ^^
April 30 2016 09:34:27
I love it!! It brings the sun in my own dawn !! LOL
Really great Stella!! I Love this UK at the end :)
Great fitting with the music.
LOL, it runs in a loop ....... :D

+2 April 30 2016 11:55:17 frankyguitar Stella
Heyyy, Frankyguitar, :) thanks for the rap request. All mine seem to be on a loop, have i done it wrong?
April 30 2016 14:41:07 frankyguitar frankyguitar
LOL, wrong?? No!! This track is so cool it runs again and again!! I listen it several times with much fun!! :)
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