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This is my second stab at Marc's template. My first was a bit left-field to say the least! Alice's splendid add gave it a more solid direction. So I ignored it and went left-field again. The effect I'm trying for is that kind of 'drum 'n' bass' approach where there's often a very busy backing with almost a ballad being sung over the top. I hope you see what I mean.

The feel is tough as the keys are clearly swung for me. So I went for a slightly swung 16th approach.

Anyway, it *sort of* works. Certain sections work well, others I feel less so. Let me know what you think. Be honest, I don't mind.

Using my Premier XPK snare with the Spaun kit.


No reverb on the HD drums.


May 02 2016 10:28:23
Now this is what I am talking about :D

April 30 2016 23:24:49
When I made this track I try to set the drums in my head to keep in groove,This Drum n' Bass style almost close to what I have in my head of that time, and yours is more spicy..so happy to have you in the track Martin!
+1 April 30 2016 23:35:05 aleonz mpointon
Thank you, Alice! This has been a very difficult track for me. So hard to choose the approach but the 'slow' feel just wasn't working for me. Maybe I'm just not destined to get this track right!
April 30 2016 23:43:12 aleonz aleonz
Actually the drums I had in my head at that time is almost like this Martin , cos I also doesn't think a slow drums will make a good groove, that is why I said yours is more spicy than what I had imagine :) in other way, somehow you can read my vocal groove :)
April 30 2016 20:08:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
super play:)

April 30 2016 19:11:10
Great the opening at 00:51 :)

April 30 2016 17:24:34
Had to listen with some inferior in-ears but it sounds real cool to me Martin! Great approach and way cool that you wanted to give this track a second go!

April 30 2016 16:41:33
Fantastic Martin

April 30 2016 16:23:52
I've just finished the bass for the first one :) OK, I keep it in my hands to test this one
I feel it "electro beat" until 02:35 then the magic ride is on and the crash on the break 'splash' :)
Nice drumming Martin ' :)

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