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As the title would suggest, feeling a little weird today, so tried to capture that in sound. Add whatever you like
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Finally some time to have a close listen to my friends at the loops. This moody marvelous piece ist playlisted. Maybe I´ll find time to work something out with strings and piano..+2
August 01 2016 02:30:30
RobM So nice to hear from you Marc :) Thank you and I really hope you join in on this one. It would be a great honour :) +1
Very pleasing to thy ear :) wonderful music !+1
May 01 2016 10:10:54
RobM Thanks Chris :) +0
beautiful Music ;o)+1
May 01 2016 10:11:13
RobM Thank you Ulo :) +0
I can't play a didgeridoo but might try my new guitar synth app 😂+1
May 02 2016 00:32:45
RobM I did say add anything ;) The new app sounds cool :) +0
So, people can not live a blistering vigor every day. The sound is nothing less than your heart:)+1
May 02 2016 00:33:20
RobM Both statements so very true Keii :) +1
May 02 2016 01:30:50
Keiton :) +0
Beautiful guitar playing Rob:);)+1
May 02 2016 00:33:42
RobM Thank you Pete :) +0
Beautiful playing! You transport wonderful your mood! Super Rob:)+1
May 02 2016 00:34:01
RobM Thank you Franky, glad it came across :) +1
Rob the most wonderful thing is too feel ,it leads us in exploring ..what is this restlessness and unfamiliarity we are experiencing.Great from the heart playing.G+1
May 02 2016 00:35:18
RobM I couldnt describe to myself in words how I was feeling so I used my guitars. This was from the heart my friend. Glad you enjoyed it G :) +0
May 02 2016 05:22:47
RobM And I totally agree with your comment on exploring, but I find it tends to raise more questions than it answers ;) +0
May 02 2016 11:28:19
GoneUser_200920 Oh yes the Socratic method ,I guess the question is ,no pun.Does searching for meaning lead us to truth? Are our emotions accurate or misleading? Rob for me there are absolutes .The foundation is Christ ,this is the centricity of the Gospel and for our lifes.I listen to an apologist by the name Ravi Zacharias .The Grand Weaver is a book written by him ,wonderful .Lt me know what you think.G +0
May 03 2016 07:07:59
RobM So I try to keep it simple. The only absolute in my life is the universal law of "Do no harm". I try to live by this principle as best I can. I agree with alot of Christ;s teachings but I am not a fan of religion in general. I've not read anything from this Ravi guy, but I will look him up. Thanks for that :) +0
May 03 2016 15:10:16
GoneUser_200920 Hi Rob don't see myself as the wiki pastor but find myself giving an account of my faith. Doing no harm is really the Golden Rule the Bible speaks of. The only thing I stress is what do we do with Christ? As the gospels take into account more than just our Behavior, the Bible as a whole stresses our relationship with our creator. This is what made Jesus not so favorable towards all the pagentry generated by a lack of faith in Him.

All throughout the gospel we read about his dealings with the Pharisees, not winning any popularity vote with them. So here is the message of the Gospel our relationship through Christ Bridging the Gap between us and the heavenly father.

Religion does not build a relationship, many times it interferes. I'm not knocking churches but our faith is Lived out in our relationship with Christ. Most importantly we cannot do the job it has to be done through Christ he is our enabler. This is what makes organized religion fail so miserably our attempt not His. This is why He came to Earth. Please check out Ravi He is wonderful in explaning the why we are here part. Rob thanks most of all for not excusing away what I've said. Either Jesus is the Christ or not .Greg
Lenny Cowler
May 02 2016 00:35:41
Lenny Cowler
RobM Thanks so much Lenny :) +1
This is actually one of your best free roaming pieces :)+1
May 04 2016 11:07:05
RobM One of my most emotional pieces I must admit. Glad you enjoyed it mate :) +1

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