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I feel comfortable with the drums of rp3, all a pleasure to follow those changes so delicious... hope you like it, written guidance way chords..
Thanks Ray


May 23 2016 04:53:51
Great man! Knew you'd help me find something I wanted to play 😎
+1 May 23 2016 11:58:59 B427 ivax
Thanks Bryan,I hope you find what you want, welcome always my friend :)
May 04 2016 04:21:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect bro:)
+1 May 04 2016 16:59:02 Lenny Cowler ivax
Thanks Lenny,my friend
May 03 2016 06:41:17
Awesome amigo! Another unique performance :D

May 02 2016 23:46:53
+1 May 03 2016 01:14:19 bhunt1 ivax
thanks Bhunt,my friend
May 03 2016 01:17:32 bhunt1 bhunt1
you are welcome - always a pleasure to listen to what you create :)
May 02 2016 13:57:34
There is some gothic, here !!! A tune full of mystery ! Very good !!!
+1 May 02 2016 19:36:15 Furlano ivax
hey Nono,Thanks my friend
May 02 2016 10:59:45
Like adu said Xavi! Excellent played and great composed!! I like this so much:):) awesome!!
+1 May 02 2016 19:35:47 frankyguitar ivax
Thanks Franky,Thank you very much your words of encouragement and praise, very happy:):)
May 02 2016 10:25:51
I like this ALOT:)
+1 May 02 2016 19:33:52 Jeebsie ivax
Thanks jeebsie,very happy,my friend :)
May 02 2016 05:19:30
Thanks Ivax. We must come from the same place and time. A jamming room from a long time ago :)
This sounds so amazing. You have both the soft and heavy touch, you have the emotion, but also the many more jams....another one coming soon!

+2 May 02 2016 09:25:37 rp3drums TeeGee
Fantastic track from both. It felt somewhat strange to hear another guitar on this drum track other than mine, I spent so much time on it, and I know virtually every hit, but it is fantastic. FANTASTIC!!
May 02 2016 19:17:05 rp3drums ivax
Hey TG, after listening to your version, I did not know how to make something different, such as precise Ray hits, with these progressive changes, took me a few days structuring each change, to not get out of tempo,I,m glad you like it
May 02 2016 19:26:31 rp3drums ivax
Hey Ray, thanks dude, I'm glad that you like, I had my small doubts, if it did not fit with your ranking of HipHop track, I stopped to take by your magnificent drum gear, the
redoubles was my biggest weakness,I love..
May 02 2016 02:07:17
sounds great man, I like the way you think on your adds! great feel
+1 May 02 2016 19:31:43 KMstar ivax
Thanks KM,my friend
May 02 2016 01:59:32
Excellence Xavi! :) You and Ray sound great!
+2 May 02 2016 19:31:22 Ernie440 ivax
Thanks Pudsy,I´m glad

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