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My buddy Peter D made me some lyrics and gave me a raw memorecording of the chords and rhuthm
I was happy and inspired to play this music
He actually asked met to do a remake but it did not work soundwise so I post the original version
Free for all and maybe a singer can make Peter happy by singing his lyrics thank you :)
The Stage
V 1:
The curtains rise and you appear,To stand at centre stage.
You're the centre of it all The spotlight
Just live your life as if it was
The opening of a show.
The audience brings us to this life
And they're with us- when we go.
Choose your costume with great care
Everyone watches you.
Say your words and hit your marks
And never miss your queue.
Actors come and actors go,
But the greatest of them last.
They enter our lives and stay awhile
But they live on in our past.
see comment for V4 and V5


September 24 2016 00:36:08
RobMRobM This is Killer !! :)
+1 September 24 2016 08:54:13 RobMfrenzie
Hey Rob, thnx man!! :) :)
September 23 2016 20:38:14
StefStef Fantastic Tom! Sound so cool! :)
+1 September 24 2016 08:53:51 Steffrenzie
Thank you so much Stef!! :) :)
May 05 2016 06:32:17
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 May 05 2016 10:04:17 Lenny Cowlerfrenzie
Hee lenny thnx man! :)
May 04 2016 10:26:53
aleonzaleonz wonderful song for the great lyrics, very cool template here Frenzie!
+1 May 04 2016 13:05:29 aleonzfrenzie
Thnx Alice i like the lyrics as well :)
May 04 2016 00:32:05
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic playing here love it 😀😀
+1 May 05 2016 10:03:58 onewholeftfrenzie
Thank you lairdy! :)
May 03 2016 22:47:34
petebasspetebass Super track bro, love the slide:);)
+1 May 03 2016 22:54:25 petebassfrenzie
Thnx mate my welsh buddy gave me the inspiration :)
May 03 2016 21:56:47
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool slide, great sound
+1 May 03 2016 22:09:25 jmrukkersfrenzie
Thnx JM I was happy to be inspired :)
May 03 2016 21:48:45
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Frenzie… Love your play and sound…
Cool lyrics here ^^

+1 May 03 2016 22:08:32 Funkystanfrenzie
Hee thnx man :)
May 03 2016 20:58:38
PsychoPsycho Excellent jam frenz... sorry my comment just broke your song lyrics in half :)
+1 May 03 2016 21:10:11 Psychofrenzie
haha cool thnx buddy I was running out of characters :)
May 03 2016 20:54:43
frenziefrenzie V4:
Remember, when you face the crowd
You let the people know,
That human life speeds by us all,
So, let's enjoy it before we go.
When the curtain falls and you take your bow.
Before exiting- stage right.
The bard has made you what you are


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