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Zoom makes some killer products. My old multitrack is a zoom and is what you hear on my current tracks. I need to learn how to properly mic my amp. Any suggestions?+1
Oh yeah. Killer beat bro. Ill be working on this as well as your others beats. Getting a new multitracker soon. Keep up the great work :)+0
i just got the zoom r 24 its definatley got the bang for the buck 8 track smultaneous recording, on board effcts and much more for 500 bucks+0
i usually use two mics that way you can get a full sound+0
Peter V how are you micing it now? What mic, amp type and placement?+0
You've definitely got the chops. Great stuff!+0
Hey dude, I grabbed this track, along with many others, a long while ago.. I ended up doing something with this one and didn't come back to say thanks... Here's what I did with it if you'd like your name and/or links to your work I'll oblige, thanks again :)+0
Amazing !! :W :D :W+0
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