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This song got deep in me.
It is such a beautiful lovely track.
Alice and Kenny did a wonderful job here and it is an honor to join them in this amazing ride.
I made some hammond, cello and piano.
I hope I can keep the magic inside it...


August 14 2016 02:18:48
Hi Peixe. :) Heard this song and I wanna express one word and one feeling. The word is: WOOOW ! And the feeling is: Totally blown away. What A song. :)
+1 August 14 2016 03:11:15 Peterpingo Peterpingo
:) I must say I agree.
The things I have heard of yours already is fantastic Peixe. I´m looking forward to meet you in hopefully a lot of jams. :)
August 14 2016 02:58:05 Peterpingo Marcelo D
Thank you Peter. Good have a great musician like you around. Hope we jam a lot.
May 06 2016 05:04:08
Fantastic play P... love this :)
+1 May 09 2016 19:06:51 Psycho Marcelo D
Thanks great Psy. The song is awesome. I just followed it... :)
May 05 2016 20:12:08
Cool Keys :)
+1 May 09 2016 19:07:10 dimeomax Marcelo D
Thanks Dimeomax :)
May 05 2016 19:41:58
fantastic !!
+1 May 09 2016 19:07:36 WHITEPONGO Marcelo D
Glad you liked WP!!! :)
May 05 2016 06:23:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 May 05 2016 13:19:57 Lenny Cowler Marcelo D
Thanks Lenny :)
May 05 2016 05:38:25
One of the best things I have heard in a long time in or out of WL. Wowowow! :) Really great work by all.
+1 May 05 2016 13:19:34 Danalyze45 Marcelo D
Thanks Dan. Its a magic track. Everything worked so easily on the keys because Kenny and Alice made an amazing job. When you have a Good base its easier to follow the stream. I am glad you liked :)
May 04 2016 23:09:18
beautifully arranged:)
+1 May 04 2016 23:17:26 PECA Marcelo D
Thanks Bro :)
May 04 2016 17:37:40
Dear Piexe,..

Oh my cheesecake! How could you create some unmistakably beautiful sound such as this? This is surreal man! Beyond what I can describe musically. Currently out of town and im utterly enjoying the music you have shared. Thank you :)

+1 May 04 2016 19:58:11 kennyadry Marcelo D
Hi Kenny. I just stepped in your track again because it is irresistible. You and Alice touched my heart with your art. I only thank you both for this fact my job was easy because you both showed me the way and I just got in the flow. You are awesome.
May 04 2016 20:22:55 kennyadry aleonz
Cheesecake? Kenny..really? Muahahhahah
May 04 2016 21:48:34 kennyadry Marcelo D
Cheesecake is sweet... hahahahahah
May 04 2016 16:28:34
WOW! beautiful inside :)
Some long sweet chords and here and there, some stardust with this cello and piano!
The part with the solo is really speaking to my heart .
Bravo Marcelo (I've just read your name on Marc's comment!!)

+1 May 04 2016 19:52:12 Tofzegrit Marcelo D
Thanks a lot Tof. I just got in the flow. The song asked for the notes and sounds. My job is only to hear it... glad you liked :)
May 04 2016 13:22:39
Great harmonies Marcelo! And you played these fine sounds with great feeling! Love it man! :)
+1 May 04 2016 15:10:32 Marceys Marcelo D
Great Marc. So glad you liked it. Kenny and Alice did great I just got into the flow. :)
May 04 2016 16:58:15 Marceys Marceys
I was on it too but couldn't get the right feeling! You did great! :)

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