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Tested my new five string charvel baby on this one :) . Some guitar and horns would be great to hear on this :) Thank you guys for the jam! :)


May 08 2016 12:01:06
MarceysMarceys Great bassline Molber! Real low sound that gives much deepness! I can imagine that the 5 strings is something you have to get used too ( you did great) The bassplayer in my band just switched to a 5-string too (for some particular songs) and I hear him adapting cause some things are at another spot!
Great to have a new instrument, I always enjoy that! :)

May 08 2016 00:23:13
PsychoPsycho Well done... great jam here. And a new toy, coolness :)

May 08 2016 00:13:53
GlezBassGlezBass The sound Charvel and the bass line it´s good
+1 May 08 2016 00:17:53 GlezBassMolber
Thanks Glez
May 08 2016 00:02:09
Ernie440Ernie440 Nice Molber, great job, good lines and tight .. really growly tone on your new bass, I like it. This track is a good work out for bass players. .. ya know I have a five string but I never play it ... I can't get used to that giant B I guess. Go figure. This is kinda of inspiring me to pull it out of it's case! :)
+1 May 08 2016 00:17:21 Ernie440Molber
Thank you Pudsy :) Yes, it sounds much better than my 4 string Harley Benton Jazz Bass :). Nice if this gave you some inspiration to paly your 5 string bass :)
May 08 2016 00:29:41 Ernie440GlezBass
At first it strange touch of a 5-string bass if you are used to 4 strings, but you realize that certain songs jams or ask the fifth string, such as occur with certain Latin rhythms; for the best slap the 4 strings ... It is a matter of cheer and experience; in the 71959 and 71953 jams there is a subtle example of this than I comment
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