Falling Down

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cody tripp1134 jams
Remix step #4 (playing)
United States

Guitar & Vocals:

Major 3rd310 jams
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I added guitars and vocals. Thanks for the awesome backing track!!
Time rattles on to the stars. Now its time to begin endlessly
What ya say? It is time to be in a white wedding on this day.
Horrid games. Flying soaring high on broken wings. Looking through the night. This is not my destination. This is not my evolution. Stars falling down from the skies. From the skies!! Say nothing mystery can say to you. And now this day. We called it down. We never kneel before the sound. We’ve got to never say it’s done
We hear their songs, We know its right. And it’s all in tune tonight. We hear the reasons slowly falling, Falling down, Reasons come, try to build a bridge
We can never see past the altars that we made, Past the edges of your mind.Falling down is like a crime. I can never say. I can never know. I’ll never see
I’ll never ever see you again. Never ever, Never ever, see you again.You never let it get to the bottom of the sea before you let go. Hold on


June 07 2016 05:09:11
mortheolmortheol Wow..great guitar and vocals!
I must listen to more of you...
You are a awesome singer:)

+1 June 07 2016 05:11:50 mortheolMajor 3rd
why thank you...I dont consider myself to good at singing...thank you!!!
June 07 2016 05:16:22 mortheolmortheol
No way...you are! I cant even Humm a tune:)
Hey I see 1967 on your profile...good year to be born;)
June 07 2016 05:20:08 mortheolMajor 3rd
67...yes! long time ago now it seems..lol
May 13 2016 14:53:07
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great job! Man you`re living up at the top in US, must check up that state:)
+1 May 13 2016 19:44:34 akethesnakerMajor 3rd
New Hampshire "Live free or die" state motto...great state
May 13 2016 01:10:23
GirardGirard damn, great stuff man!
+1 May 13 2016 01:35:47 GirardMajor 3rd
thank ya! ;O)
May 12 2016 09:53:46
pauluspaulus great work
+1 May 13 2016 01:41:22 paulusMajor 3rd
thank you Paulus
May 10 2016 21:37:10
mulambomulambo well done!! great adds and great recording you mixed it perfectly!
+1 May 12 2016 00:54:25 mulamboMajor 3rd
;O) ty
May 10 2016 18:10:11
cody trippcody tripp so cool
+1 May 10 2016 21:12:47 cody trippMajor 3rd
thanks ;o)
May 10 2016 17:45:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Super:)
+1 May 10 2016 21:13:04 Lenny CowlerMajor 3rd
May 10 2016 12:44:55
KeitonKeiton Great playing as always :)
+1 May 10 2016 21:13:32 KeitonMajor 3rd
ty ;o)

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