Acid Bridge - The Unicorn is Dead

Remix step #4 (playing)


Ernie440714 jams Supporter
+ 9
Couldn't sleep, got up and did some jammin' on the loops. Thanks a lot for the fun on your great rock track Jon and tip of the beanie to Dafunky's excellent percussion track. Had to do this all through headphones as the wife and doggie are asleep, no test blasting through the stereo. Bummer. :)


May 10 2016 17:36:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Super ride:)
+1 May 10 2016 17:48:54 Lenny Cowler Ernie440
Glad you like it friend Lenny. :)
May 10 2016 13:39:38
Nice rocking track and very cool bass Pudsy :)
+1 May 10 2016 16:19:33 Molber Ernie440
:) Hey Molber, thank you!
May 10 2016 12:42:14
Wao, nice sound!! What did you use?
+1 May 10 2016 12:46:41 Keiton Ernie440
Thanks Kei ... my mint 1986 Ibanez ... made in Japan! I like this bass! Only used it a few times on the loops so far.
May 11 2016 02:14:29 Keiton JonJon
pretty much what im using. a $140 used Ibanez RG3ex lol
May 11 2016 03:12:21 Keiton Ernie440
hey it's the Ibanez song! :)
May 11 2016 03:22:17 Keiton Keiton
That? Ibanez are a Japanese company? indeed Steve Vai and TS-909 is famous in the world.
May 11 2016 05:08:42 Keiton JonJon
I think some were or are made in Korea as well
May 11 2016 12:42:07 Keiton Ernie440
I have two atk300 basses a fretted and a fretless, both made in Korea in the 90's - super solid machines, you can whack the finish on these things and nothing happens ... well made - the Japanese Ibanez are generally considered finer quality instruments though. I have a bunch of Ibanez and I like 'em. I have a couple Fenders too, they're nice but I think they are over rated somewhat.
May 10 2016 11:36:03
Super Job Puds:)great track
+1 May 10 2016 12:50:18 petebass Ernie440
Grassy Ass Pete, mucho appreciado bud. :)
May 10 2016 11:25:36
Perfect bass line Pudsy! Great rock here! :)
+1 May 10 2016 12:50:50 Stef Ernie440
Thanx for listenin' in Stef! :)
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