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Remix step #3 (playing)


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Cody put on his bell bottoms and platform shoes for this crazy jam...Ernie's bass line enticed me to join this jam... some mean lead guitar could be cool!




May 12 2016 04:22:43
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

May 11 2016 19:23:00
aleonzaleonz oh oh myyy! this is sooo good Ray!love it!
+1 May 12 2016 04:31:12 aleonzrp3drums
thanks Alice!
May 11 2016 17:32:53
cody trippcody tripp Perfect !!!

May 11 2016 15:55:15
ivaxivax great Ray :)

May 11 2016 14:30:09
MarceysMarceys Bam! Cool drumming man! :) love it! :)

May 11 2016 13:27:27
Ernie440Ernie440 LOL @ bells and platforms!! haha Oh brother Ray, what a difference some good drumming makes! Great job. Sounds to me like you had some fun with this! :D I really like what you did with this, tight, love how you accentuate the lines, such dynamics. Nice funkin' brah!! Kickin'it! You got the mix right too! ;)
+1 May 11 2016 13:37:32 Ernie440rp3drums
Thanks Ernie, it was a blast. It is actually two takes because I dropped my stick right before the part were I go to the toms, I loved the beginning so I just added from there!
May 11 2016 13:41:51 Ernie440Ernie440
haha man ... thank G*d for cut and paste :) I like this a lot ... sounds like a skilled rock drummer taking on funk which makes it interesting ... not your typical funk guy hunched over the kick and high hat .. lol ... glue those sticks to your hand! :D
May 11 2016 13:44:53 Ernie440rp3drums
thanks man, yes it's more like fusion or heavy funk. I can do heavy funk, but not the other... I also hate when some of these funk songs end up sounding like a porno soundtrack :)
May 11 2016 15:40:41 Ernie440Ernie440
haha ... a porn track, I know exactly what you're saying .. or worse yet .. elevator muzak, hehe :) Oh yeah, was gonna say, your title is funny too .. makes me want to wear white bell bottoms, a big floppy hat, star shaped sunglasses and play this funk up in here all the time y'all!
May 11 2016 13:22:39
petebasspetebass Hey RP:) super drums bro:);)
+1 May 11 2016 13:26:24 petebassrp3drums
thanks Pete, a little outside the box for me!
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