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I feel in love with this beautiful song from Marcelo, love the feeling and the chords of this song, and I've been keeping this track in my strawberry fields for quite some times, so I spent my night sing along with this baby...Thank you Marcelo!

This one need drums, guitar, bass, etc and your smile here!

Thank you for listening! Hope you like it...

Have a good day from my morning sky!


June 17 2016 09:16:39
LieschingLiesching Beautiful to the max, dear Alice. Love it to visit your wonderland :)

June 08 2016 10:11:01
WoodstockWoodstock Fantastic Al!! Absolutely great as always :)

May 13 2016 23:53:31
bhunt1bhunt1 wonderful!

May 13 2016 10:32:36
gwailoahgwailoah perfectly simple and simply perfect

May 12 2016 23:50:02
+1 May 13 2016 09:08:52 WHITEPONGOaleonz
Thank you Chris!
May 12 2016 22:06:51
pklieschpkliesch Just so beautiful. So glad you're here, Alice! :)
+1 May 13 2016 09:08:40 pklieschaleonz
Thank you very much Patrick!
May 12 2016 21:48:56
WadeWade Love the way you've taken a simple tune and rhythm and expanded them so beautifully. Leaving space accentuates this even more. I hope that anyone who adds to this will recognize the value in those spaces.
+1 May 13 2016 09:08:27 Wadealeonz
Thank you so much Wade, this song have those summer breeze feeling which is gave a great feeling ..so good to play on this lovely track from marcelo
May 12 2016 21:30:08
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Sweetly Beautfull
+1 May 13 2016 09:06:04 TEE-KWAaleonz
Thank you so much Tee!
May 12 2016 18:57:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very beatiful:)
+1 May 13 2016 09:05:44 Lenny Cowleraleonz
Thank you brother!
May 12 2016 16:02:46
MarceysMarceys Beautiful Alice, very clear track with a good delivery!
+1 May 13 2016 09:05:30 Marceysaleonz
Hi Marc, thank you so much :)

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