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I am an Alice and reggae fan. Those days I've been thinking a lot about packing and go so this song is perfect. I could join reggae and Alice's amazing voice together in this track. Its always a pleasure to collaborate with her. Thanks Al... Hope you like it...
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Aleonz; Peixe; Reggae; Cool; Roots; AM


francisco al
bem legal+1
June 23 2016 05:27:55
francisco al
Marcelo D Muito obrigado Francisco!!! Abraços +0
great reggae feelin' peixe :) the sound, the groove, I remember you say to me you play in a reggae band+1
May 15 2016 16:16:44
Marcelo D Yes GP. I do. Reggae flows through me. Its my favourite style. I try not to play so much reggae in the loops to have the oportunity of learning other Styles too. I am glad you liked.Thanks :) +1
Nice one, love the Hammond and the clav+1
May 15 2016 16:14:24
Marcelo D Thanks JM. It means so much comming from a hammond master like you. Glad you liked :) +1
This is freaking awesome Peixe!! Excellent riff clav, you builded a big solid wall for the song, I like your works( got to thanks Al for pointing this track). Me n my band play around Asia, and Alice is one the best singer we've ever encounter,very versatile n strong performer, down to earth n a very wonderful person inside out, there's no way not to admire this adorable girl ,I'm her big fan , and was so lucky to got a chance to watch n play with her in Bali n Sin. If one day you can join her on stage, please let me know! I would love to join or just become part of the crowds ! cheers!+1
May 15 2016 16:12:41
Marcelo D Hi Joe. Joining Alice is one of my dreams and I will make it for sure. I hope we can jam together in many stages around Asia and America too.
And if you need a key player to gig in Bali or Singapore I can manage to have my ticket and join you somehow. :) but please make sure that the wonderful Alice sings with us ;) :) and I am glad you liked our track!!!
fantastic, Peixe!!!! great stuf!!! ;)+1
May 15 2016 15:58:42
Marcelo D Thanks Jj. É a influência africana no Brasil. Glad you liked!! +1
Sounding terrific Peixe :)+1
May 15 2016 15:57:05
Marcelo D Great Psy. Thanks a lot m8!!! I loved to play in this track! +0
Very cool add Peixe !!+1
May 15 2016 15:55:57
Marcelo D Thanks WP. Glad you liked it :) +0
Composer in tha house! That is a big wall of great sounds and played with a fine feeling for this track! Your timing is supercool!+0
May 12 2016 19:27:31
Marcelo D Thanks Marc. You are the timing guy.:)
I am really used to produce reggae so its easier than many other tracks that I made here. Anyway reggae is always a tough mix. I am still not sure about this one...
May 12 2016 20:41:05
Marceys That is something you can hear very well! You handle this style really cool! I never did much reggae and never managed to get that feel! +1
May 12 2016 21:34:37
Marcelo D Yes. This is exactly my feeling about funk. I can play it but its kinda tough for me. I hear how you master your playing on your funk tracks and I always keep learning when I listen to you :) +1
I can't disagree with Alice! You man are awesome. Fabulous arrangement. This badly needs some drums and bass! I would like to use my wah here but probably after hearing some band!+1
May 12 2016 13:53:59
Marcelo D Hey Bro. So glad you liked:) i would love to hear your magic on this. I know its hard without a band. So lets pray for one to help us hehehe +0
Mind blowing! totally madness! this is EPICCCCCC Marcelo! you hit me like a thunder with That opening, the solo sweeettt, and the part after solo coolness overload, I really love the structure, the way you build the song..oh I can't believe what you did to my little reggae wanna be song LOL! Marceloooo you are the mannn! WHoaaa! I'm still in awe...+1
May 12 2016 07:38:45
aleonz This track scream out loud for bass & drums ..waaaaaa +1
May 12 2016 07:44:21
Marcelo D Al, your songs always show me the way to make them work. When I listen to your music the lines are very clear. Your voice brings the harmony inside so its easy to follow. The only thing hard about it was the mix hahahahaha. Thanks for listening my version of your song and I so glad you liked it :) And YES BASS AND DRUMS PLEASE!!!! +1
May 12 2016 08:29:16
aleonz It really means so much coming from you..thank you for always encouraging me...

And No! I should be the one who thank you to put tgis very beautiful dress to my song..i'm speechless
May 12 2016 13:50:41
Marcelo D Hahahaha I am always looking for a beautiful dress to make your song even more awesome. It must be Venus stuff in my asc... Hehehe always looking for beauty. +1
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