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Pretty much in my pajamas this morning ... kind of randomly noodling along with my fretless ATk - it was fun though!! :-) Thanks Marc and Dafunky for your catchy backing track.
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light jazzy funk drums bass keys


Also Fab playing Dafunkydrummer, Marceys and Pudsy440+2
May 29 2016 18:42:02
Ernie440 Thanks Gemmy! :) +0
Marceys have you listened much to Gino Vanelli? I first heard his Powerful People album. He had about 3 or four more LPs in a row that were pretty top notch.(if you could dig that sort of music)
Saw him in Houston and the show had himself and his brother on synths, maybe a bass player and a couple of background singers. I thought I was listening to my stereo, they were so tight. The mixing was the best for "the time"---going to a Zeppelin concert = noise, but Vanelli bros had it down. Only thing I was shocked to see that Vanelli wasn't about 5foot3inches running around like a fireball and not about 6foot4 and gawky slow movements. Had to just close my eyes and groove.
May 31 2016 22:20:42
Marceys Hey Gemmy, I have listened and still do to Vanelli a lot! Love his music and the group of musicians he played with, smooth funky, emotional singing! Love him! :) +1
June 02 2016 05:25:10
GemmyF I love the Powerful People album but one where he really goes off is "Fly into this Night" When that came out I was living at my mom's home and had a quad-stereo with some ESS-tempest(hiel air motion tweeters) speakers and when my mom would go out at night my friends would come over and it was Blastin'. Though they were Areosmith fans I think they felt to power of Gino! +1
Pit Brett
very groovy!+1
May 15 2016 13:33:54
Pit Brett
Ernie440 Great, glad you like it Pit :) Thanks for stopping in and having a listen my friend. +0
Nice playing! I like the walking part toward the end :)+1
May 13 2016 16:23:07
Ernie440 gracias Jason, it's a fun track to jam along with! :) +1
ça c'est du carré+1
May 12 2016 22:47:16
Ernie440 :) +0
Nice and lovely bass tone (fretless?), sound really good+1
May 12 2016 21:14:07
Ernie440 thanks Glez .. yes, it's my factory fretless ATk300, a fairly rare beast of a bass. +1
May 12 2016 21:17:17
GlezBass I had a Ibanez ATK 200 and I loved their sound, that sounds great friend fretlless.. +1
May 12 2016 21:24:13
Ernie440 Thanks, do you have a fretless Glez? They are a lot of fun! +1
May 12 2016 22:39:52
GlezBass I have two fretless: a Cort CH4 active and Jhonson pasive , with strings roundwound and semiflatwound one another, if I had more investment would buy one of good quality, but my wife drives me home he he.... +1
May 12 2016 22:44:18
Ernie440 haha! wives .. :) I hear ya. :P +1
Oh yeah! That is a grooving bassline alright! Really great Pudsy, let's do a gig in those undies! It sounds real unique to me! 😜+1
May 12 2016 20:20:36
Ernie440 Thanks Marc, I'm diggin' playin along with your cool keys lately, it is a unique experience for me, fun. You first at the gig with just undies, tee hee, I'm too shy for that, lol. +1
May 12 2016 20:30:57
Marceys And you lay some groovy tight basslines Pudsy! Love them!
Well..about the undies....The RHCP did it with only a sock... :)
May 12 2016 21:22:27
Ernie440 Glad you like my friend .. yeah I remember the sock thing haha.. crazy .. then we go back many more years to a band called "The Tubes" guy playing with a giant dildo hanging out ... haha ... anything for attention eh! :) +1
May 29 2016 22:59:51
Ernie440 hey there's a long comment from you higher up in these remarks from Gemmy .. I think he mistakenly put it under my comments ... :) U might like to respond? :) +1
Nice cool bass play.+1
May 12 2016 20:21:18
Ernie440 Thanks Gary ... glad you came by for a listen. :) +0
Great Pudsy,his touch in his Pajamas is fantastic, you wake up with the rhythm in the heart :)+1
May 12 2016 17:01:15
Ernie440 True Xavi true ... we think about our music alot, even in pajamas, haha, thanks bud! :) +1

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