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Thank you Ron !! :-)


My man! You are on a roll! This is a beautiful addition!!! You made it all come together with sweet emotion! That riff is going right into my heart and the little bit of synthesizer is in there too right? WOW you are really coming out of your shell!+2
May 13 2016 08:01:24
frankyguitar Thank you very much Girdy!! LOL!
I really appreciate your Kind words!!
And all is only Guitar sound, not synthis.
May 13 2016 08:03:44
Girard Maybe Morty put in a little synth sound. I swear I heard something lol +1
Cool and mellow, like a cucumbermarshmallow

Followed you two, too! :)
May 13 2016 02:54:25
mortheol What on Earth is a cucumbermarshmallow?? :) +1
May 13 2016 08:07:04
frankyguitar Thank you Jeebsie, good to know you like it!! :) +1
Awesome jam !!+1
May 13 2016 08:22:39
frankyguitar Thank you very much Chris :) !! +0
Wonderful melody here franky... a great listen :)+1
May 13 2016 08:33:51
frankyguitar Thank you very much Bruce!! I had first thougt it is a bit too much. But listen it with phones and speakers several times and thougt ok, try and let it out. :) +1
Total Awesomness ! Highly enjoyable play and melody :) nice work :)+1
May 13 2016 09:28:00
frankyguitar Thanx so much Chris, I'm so happy you could enjoy this! :) +0
One of your best Franky ! This is fantastic my friend, love it ! :)+1
May 13 2016 09:29:35
frankyguitar Thank you very much Rob! Too kind my friend, I try to improve :) +1
Frank...I can't express to you how Beautiful this is!!! I think you know I am so happy:D
You continue to amaze me my Friend.
May 13 2016 10:36:34
frankyguitar Thank you very much my friend!! It's amazing for me you think so !! :) :) +1
Very nice Franky... great sound!+1
May 13 2016 04:04:04
Girard Are you going to put drums on this? +0
May 13 2016 04:19:04
rp3drums palnning to. I think today I am gonna add to Money Shot, I am in a heavy mode, to much mellow stuff lately :) But this is a great song, reminds me of the movie "Garden State". +1
May 13 2016 04:49:56
rp3drums Sorry, meant to say I am not planning to...something happened with my typing. +1
May 13 2016 06:58:41
Girard No prob I tried to do a run at it but just couldn't latch on. +0
May 13 2016 10:37:58
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ray !! It was a great pleasure to so this:) +0
fantastic bro:)+1
May 13 2016 10:39:44
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank you bro !!, with the best Pilsener beer in the world :D +1

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