Sun Shines on the Writers of Rhyme

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United States
Vocals, Bass & Drums:
bhunt11159 jams
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Rap by Chrismac456, drum loop by Aleitor5 , both from Looperman, and me on bass. Instrumental break from :48 to 1:28 for adds - key of C
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rap, groove


Thanks for sharing this on Wiki... I love your Rap tracks... So cool... Thanks Brian ^^+1
May 14 2016 14:44:38
bhunt1 Thanks Stan glad u like it - you could add something :) +1
May 14 2016 14:48:14
Funkystan I'd like to... I'm listening back to your tracks from time to time... I've got to find a special to join and bring smthing... All these tracks are linear with a great flow. Very balanced. I'm gonna find a smart trick ^^ +1
May 14 2016 15:06:45
bhunt1 Cool looking forward to hear some of ur adds :) +1

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