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GuitarPlyr30 jams
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PaulBOwens150 jams Supporter

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Its just 1 cc short of "Dreadlock Holiday" now ;) Brilliant reggae piece by Greg... Hope you enjoy listening even half as much as I enjoyed working on it :) Vocal from "Simple Rasta Talk" on youtube.


November 16 2016 00:46:06
jamladyjamlady cool!

August 22 2016 22:10:37
GemmyFGemmyF So you put in the marimbas, the bass, snagged the vocal, and a organ---had to listen a bit to the first track--VERY reggae! Very 9cc!
+0 August 22 2016 22:17:15 GemmyFGemmyF
Man You do it all! Really good track, got another window, typing you something and listening to the track on loop. I love to type--I'm horrible, but I get to listen to the tune over and over again.
August 22 2016 22:08:19
GemmyFGemmyF Hey Paul Super! Really cool track!
+1 August 22 2016 22:09:10 GemmyFPaulBOwens
Its my little "tribute" to 10cc Gemmy ;)
May 14 2016 23:05:08
FishinmissioFishinmissio That works perfect :) Gotta love weekends around here :)
+0 May 14 2016 23:19:11 FishinmissioPaulBOwens
Hey Mark - this is the one I was pinging you about... there's some space for sax if you're up for it!
May 14 2016 21:30:47
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr wonderful new version Paul :) thanks for it, it' s brilliant and the sounds add in your SEQ mix are really clean, great job !!!
+0 May 14 2016 22:32:18 GuitarPlyrPaulBOwens
that's a real compliment Greg - I was blown away by your template. You nailed the style!
May 14 2016 18:06:09
StefStef Fantastic job Paul! Sound, vocal and arrangement awesome!! :)

May 14 2016 17:37:01
ivaxivax Great Paul

May 14 2016 16:40:19
PsychoPsycho Very cool work you put together :)

May 14 2016 16:26:01
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)


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