Be Still and Listen

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cody tripp1310 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


HiFiFlutes611 jams Supporter
+ 7
hope you enjoy :)


May 14 2016 20:52:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very nice:)

May 14 2016 19:42:08
I sat really still... was worth holding my breath... beautiful playing !!

May 14 2016 19:09:50
fantastically beautiful!

May 14 2016 17:51:17
wow fantastic from you both :)
+0 May 14 2016 17:54:07 abuitremorem HiFiFlutes
Thank you Abu !! Loved playing this track :) deep thinker for me :)
May 14 2016 17:41:28
cody trippcody tripp
I was going to put up a version without flute just for you but this is killer
+1 May 14 2016 17:43:15 cody tripp HiFiFlutes
Thanks Cody, I tried to be respectful of the other flute :) Thanks for such a killer track and especially for thinking of me . Big :)'s
May 14 2016 18:58:35 cody tripp HiFiFlutes
Thanks again, If you still want to put the fluteless version out here? I could try something totally different :) I would like that :)
May 14 2016 17:38:20
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
reminds me kind of Andres Vollenweider "down to the moon" with the whole harp thing...the flute addition puts vollenweider to nice work guys!
+0 May 14 2016 17:53:22 Major 3rd HiFiFlutes
WOW ! KIND words my friend. thank you :)
May 14 2016 17:35:28
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
oh this is awesome! enchanting
+0 May 14 2016 17:40:11 Major 3rd HiFiFlutes
Thank ya Major :) Much appreciated.
I gotta get in as much as possible . shoulder surgery scheduled for june 1st. long recovery time with my injury. but just maybe I can play with my arm in sling? Probable be stuck playing one particular length flute if at all for a while :) yippee!

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