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I found this sweet tracks from DFD, Frankie, Jason & Stef, while I was trying to catch up with all wonderful tracks I've been missed lately, and couldn't help myself to sing with these wonderful guys. I leave an empty space in the middle, and some others, hope someone wanna fill something.. Thank you for listening, Hope you like it! Happy Weekend!
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Aleonz, DafunkyDrummer, FrankieJ, Jaeusm, Stef, Pop, vocal


Yesterday in Rome it rained all day and this morning upon awakening I find the sun shining and this gem ...:) WoW!! Alice I can only thank you for this wonderful gift. What leaves me speechless is how you managed to transform and elevate to another wonderful dimension this track with your warm and beautiful voice. Yes, now I know that Alice in Wonderland is not a fairy tale but pure reality! Fantastic amazing sweet Alice !! :(+3
May 15 2016 20:17:41
aleonz It's seems we share a same kind of wheather Stef, it's been raining here too...I'm so glad to find your post of this song, You, DFD, Jason, and Frankie, really had me at the few second play...what a beautiful song...I downloaded even before iit finish played hahahah thank you so much for this wonderful ride! +1
Oh la la lalala!
You are surfing 🏄 and sliding on this one angel Al'🎶💜
May 15 2016 10:16:19
aleonz a little mellow tune to slide in brother! thank you so much! +0
Wow, awesome Alice! that beauty...+1
May 15 2016 10:12:54
aleonz Thank you very much Mario :) +1
Awesome Alice,:),.the creativity is amazing, the approach, harmonic vision...+1
May 15 2016 10:13:58
aleonz Thank you so much Xavi, will your guitar gonna accompany me in this track ? :) +1
May 15 2016 12:38:50
ivax :) +0
May 15 2016 10:14:13
aleonz Thank you so much Francis +1
superb Alice!+1
May 15 2016 10:14:29
aleonz Thank you very much Claudia! +0
Fantastic Alice!!
This is so Beautiful You entered here!!
I love this Song really and with you, ohh, it's like my birthday! :)
May 15 2016 10:15:15
aleonz Thank you for your sweet words Franky, so glad to found this beautiful song last night +1
yes, you are really angel :)+1
May 15 2016 10:16:38
Lenny Cowler
aleonz Thank you so much Brother! +1
Ah Alice :)
I was so happy to see your add pop up.
Then I listen and oh yes! So beautiful Alice. So happy you join. Thank you :)
May 15 2016 10:17:57
aleonz I missed your track somehow, and Stef remix pointing me that sweet lovely touch of frankie guitar! always a wonderful moment to play with you :) thank you so much Frankie! +0
Very good! You turned this jam into a song, and a good one at that :)

Excellent vocals and melody!
May 15 2016 10:18:56
aleonz Jason! your bass line is one of my fave, you always know what the song needed! thank you for this ride! +1

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