Cha Cha Cha Dance With Me

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This song from Mario put a big smile to my face, it's gave a great happy feeling, I saw Marc posted his very tempting remix, but I already half way to go playing with this track, but I would love to sing on his elegant track as well... There is a lot of space for other intrument, some long clear space for solo come on dance with us guys! Thank you for listening Hope you like it!
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Aleonz, Glezbass, World, chacha, latin, bass, vocal


Makes me want to dance. And I don't dance. Great song, big smiles here too!+1
May 17 2016 07:54:30
aleonz so good to know that Brian! thank you so much +0
What a fun song, calypso style... well done Big Al :)+1
May 17 2016 07:54:05
aleonz Thank you very much Big Psy! that bass line and percussion really made a happy floor for me to dance :) +0
Such joy and love that overflows from this. Yes, it's Alice all the way! Really love the last section especially the rhythmic treatment at 4:11. So good!+1
May 17 2016 07:51:50
aleonz I love that happy feeling from Mario's song, makes me feels so good Wade, is there any chance to get your sax dancing on the track ? +1
May 17 2016 07:53:16
aleonz Thank you so much Wade! +1
May 17 2016 21:42:57
Wade Oh dear Alice. I had a try but couldn't make it work as there is a pitch problem. Wasn't obvious with just vocals and bass but become obvious with Tof's add. I gave it a try and couldn't make it sound good. Probably best (for my ears) with just you and Mario. +0
Hi Alice, I just love your creativity and your passion. This is just a superb track from Mario and you did it made this track even more fantastic. Creativty at it's best and that's you Alice :)+2
May 17 2016 07:49:46
aleonz Kenny! my awesome brother! thank you so much! i was once play this kind of stuff in one place at Tagaytay. +0
Hey Alice, I can imagine that these vocals wouldn't fit on the piano. You start in a different chord as I was playing! :)
It sounds real good, you know your way in every style!
May 17 2016 07:45:55
aleonz Hey Marc! yeah..I know, but your track still very tempting hahaha! Thank you so much homiieeee! +1
Marcelo D
Alice you are very tallented and it seems like you are a latin singer. You have the perfect flow in that song. My latin blood is boiling with your interpretation. 3:49 \o/ !!!! Amazing!+1
May 16 2016 15:09:05
Marcelo D
aleonz if your latin blood boiled, so i know I'm doing right here hehehe, is there any chance to get your latin touch here? +0
May 17 2016 00:31:28
Marcelo D
Marcelo D There are a lot of chances. I don't know if I can reach your high performance in this track but the lines seem clear to me. This is a really interesting track and I will sure have fun with it. Lets see whats going to happen... +1
May 17 2016 07:56:38
Marcelo D
aleonz oh cmon, you can play this kind of song without opening your eyes, it's in your bone Marcelo! and I already got a wonderful opening sneak peak :) +1
Very cool track! The backing vocals are really good :)+1
May 16 2016 15:04:32
aleonz Hi Jason! thank you so much +1
Summer, sun, dancing! :D+1
May 16 2016 15:03:57
aleonz Hi Jorg, would love to hear your whistle on this summer song like the other track :)or a happy accordion? +0
cody tripp
May 16 2016 15:02:58
cody tripp
aleonz thank you so much Tom! +1
Fantastic Alice...Beautiful :)+1
May 16 2016 15:02:46
aleonz Thank you so much Xavi...another dance with me here maybe :) +1
May 16 2016 16:03:41
ivax :) +0

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