Is it the Blues for This Evening?

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This song is a kind of the blues rock tune that played by frenzie, pudsy and me. Indeed everybody doesn't know we have a private band called 12bars. Stef and Blumartini also the fellows. It's published by my user name because I do not have time. We hope that you guys will enjoy this song. This is already not my song. Please don't thumbs me never. And please join freely. Thanks a lot to my friends.
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Rolling Stones


Lenny Cowler
fantastic rock:)+1
June 18 2016 01:59:37
Lenny Cowler
Keiton Thank you Lenny:) +1
francisco al
sequĂȘncia legal+1
June 18 2016 01:59:22
francisco al
Keiton Thank you so much al:) +0
Great band jam Kei... must give a thumb as Stef did for all you guys :)+1
June 18 2016 01:59:05
Keiton Thank you Bruce, :) +1
awesome guys ;)+1
June 18 2016 01:58:37
Keiton Thank you AKchen:) +1
Great guys!! Fantastic vintage rock! My thumb is for all of you..:)+1
May 16 2016 21:39:49
Keiton Thank you so much from us:) I was so happy that met to you in wikiloops. I wish you spend to play and listen with many great music in your life time forever:):):) +1
cody tripp
YES !!+1
May 16 2016 16:51:34
cody tripp
Keiton Thank you again. I can understand mean a little bit "YES" because the progress of my English is a little bit in the two and a half years:D +2

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