You Don't Stop Your Jazz Rock Hop

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Pain? Pain? Stuff the pain when it's this damn good. This is T&M at their finest. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Put on my best swing hat and went for it. Pretty hard-hitting, going for a more jazz-rock-hip-hop approach. I wanted the pounding beats of hip-hop but a less mechanical approach. Using my Pearl 13x3 Brass Piccolo on this track as I wanted that snap and not a lot else. After recording, I made a few small arrangement alterations to what ...


Wow again! (I come from the track Marks) go straight to the bass fretboard
when I have time ...
S:)... C:):)L
Merci Martin and this reversed cymbal:D, this Kick Quartet boom... The pahhh, the Pshhhh... well done 🎶
May 16 2016 21:35:40
mpointon :) Thank you!!! Glad you like the reversed cymbal. Kinda wanted a lead-in from the stop without doing a fill.

Such a fun track from you both! This needs adding to the Steinfeld to-do list I reckon!
May 16 2016 21:51:14
mpointon By the way: I based my some of my drums on your original programmed track - some great beats in there! +1
Yeah ! That is cool !!!+1
Oh man, you give a fantastic groove to the track! Love the way you handeld the intro! Tight, energetic and groove upgrading! Love it man, this track is so badly needing the bassplayer now! :)+1
May 16 2016 21:59:21
mpointon Thanks, Marc. I was worried it was too aggressive and not 'mechanical' and 'tight' enough for the style. But then I thought, 'what the hell' and let rip! :D +1
May 16 2016 22:03:43
Marceys No worries man, you did marvelous! Totally awesome! :) +1
This is a GREAT track! Nice playin Martin, it sounds good already without bass.+1
Adding to the fun and filling out those all important bits.+1
fantastic Martin,brave!!! :)+1
up lifting! you're doing a very excellent track here Martin, tight play with such a cool groove! this boiling my rap nerves hah! wonderful!+1
May 17 2016 10:47:53
mpointon Thank you, Alice! It's nice to get a few loops done again but I still have to take it day by day at the moment :( +0
This is just awesome man! :) Loved it, loved it, loved it!+1
May 17 2016 10:48:18
mpointon Thank you Mr K! I do hope it's tempting you in too! +0
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