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Needs everything


Sound is beautiful and a very nice guitar track. Wonderful mood :)+1
Some very great chord changes Cody !!+1
very interesting :) super !!+1
Music full of images+1
pretty much a skeleton for a Fleetwood Mac (or Buckingham Nicks) song, nice!+1
This is a fun sparky track ! Very nice play. I like the changes :)+1
this was so uplifting...I listened to this and felt so much better inwardly....beautiful and i downloaded...gotta snatch those goodies when they show themselves and thank you for uploading this...made my night..Im already hearing things in my head for this.....Im sure there will be a million versions by the time i get to it....but this is in a folder...soon! very much much emotion and I relate to this...+1
Be a lot of jams on this one, nice.+1
very good:)+1
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