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This was a story in the 1950's about a Chinese kid who was very fat and got stuck in a well. His name was Nikkinikkitembonosorimbooomamoochygammagammagoochy. Well his friend ran back to town and tried to get his name out to the adults but nobody could say his name. So they get him out of the well and from then on he was known as 'Long name no can say'.
Well in the 80's or 90's the politically correct libtards had to change it so it wouldn't be offensive in the schools. They named the new story Riki Riki Tavi or something like that. Never read it but I'm sure the kid grew up and exported total crap products to all the Walmarts in America. Oh come on you know the libtards would've come up with that for sure.
Here's the story:


May 19 2016 08:21:46
josepssvjosepssv Super creative!!!!!

May 18 2016 15:14:55
jamladyjamlady i am so glad, you sing again! great great Tom!!

May 17 2016 14:57:42
ALawrence1ALawrence1 Over the top!:):):)

May 17 2016 10:40:55
StefStef Fantastic! Great idea! :)

May 17 2016 07:32:48
frankyguitarfrankyguitar LOL, what a story! Great Song Cody, Love it !!

May 17 2016 04:57:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler great:)

May 17 2016 04:27:22
AKchenAKchen this is so beyond awesome Tom ... Toffi`s original spark captured you and the song is perfect, smiling the whole track ... :)

May 17 2016 03:38:34
gwailoahgwailoah works on a lot of levels - love it!

May 17 2016 03:28:51
Major 3rdMajor 3rd yes!!!!! love it....great song and playing and vocals...lyrics excellent..That's what I'm talking about!!! ;o)

May 17 2016 01:01:54
akethesnakerakethesnaker :D

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