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Tweaked sopranino. Getting ready to meet up with these two fine musos in Germany...Can't wait.


Magnificent flavours, creative tones and harmonies, Wade. Such a profoundly musical yet ethereal sound; playing with some gorgeous tones and scales, like a seamless hybrid of Middle-Eastern and Far Eastern flavours. If this were cooking, you'd be earning a Michelin Star.

Just brilliant. The feeling is very much mutual when it comes to Germany :)
May 17 2016 22:34:07
Wade Wow that's quite a review! You've got to know it's all due to your initial track. Such a wonderful feel that was already there that inspired. Nuno pushed this along so well and you both left just this sweet little spot for me to wedge in the weirdo squeaky toy. Thanks so much. +2
Ninfrag's contact with me recently has brought this magnificent track back to my attention. And I have to comment how much I love this version from Wade and Nuno. I absolutely adore it. I can listen to this endlessly looped. Nuno's wonderful harmonic, atmospheric and spacious grounding with Wade's ethereal, perfectly-judged and sensuous sax just make for a joyous soundscape which I relish on every listen. Sometimes music just inexplicably touches one's soul. This is one of them for me.

Just beautiful.
September 18 2016 04:04:14
Wade Jeez, what does one say after that! Thanks seems too trite.

All inspired by your fine template. Just glad you liked what came next.
September 18 2016 04:10:32
mpointon No thanks needed and I do not want any. Just me expressing my appreciation of your contributions to this track, even though fundamentally it doesn't belong to me. I just re-did drums to a track that just 'appealed' to me.

You guys gave it a joy that just makes me smile every time I hear it. And that is the 'Loops in a nutshell. Joy.
September 18 2016 20:33:13
Wade Well said. Yes, there's lots of joy in what we do and that was more than obvious at the big jam. We are mostly older people who have grown beyond ego aspirations of "musical stardom", so simply play for the sheer joy of playing together and taking part. +2
I've ended up on this track again. It's such a happpy place for me - the harmonics, the tones, the playing, it all works and plays on a sense of symphonic joy. It's my get away from it all tune. I keep coming here. Because I love it.+2
March 28 2018 04:18:38
Wade It's great to visit tracks that have feelings and associations for us. So glad to be part of one that is special for you. I certainly hope you can make it to the jam this year. If not there's a strong possibility of being in UK in mid September. +1
nice match ! very cool track :)+1
May 17 2016 22:15:01
Wade Hey Mr Bee. Was a good track before I messed with it. Just glad what I did fits OK. So looking forward to getting together again. +1
May 17 2016 23:20:44
OliVBee can't wait :) +1
Wow, Wade, that's not your Music to play usual !!
But really Great!! Fantastic job:)
May 17 2016 22:19:13
Wade Hopefully I've still got a few surprises! Really like different/strange and modal things. Big part of my drive is to use the sax outside of the jazz cliche. It's such a versatile instrument. +1
May 17 2016 22:21:06
frankyguitar Oh yes, it is variously used!!
And you know, I like that sound :)
I LIKE that little guy & with those ''tone tweaks'' it complements the atmosphere here to a T, your wicked sax lines just sound SO good !!!
A real treat to have you jamming with us Wade, too cool &… playlisted ! ;)
May 17 2016 22:20:36
Wade All due to yours and Martin's outstanding track...such an inspiration. +1
oh you know wade, last night I was trying to do something with this song, but i was beaten up by some heavy meeting yesterday, and doesn't get the right energy to do this track, and today i listen your remix, and you blown my mind in a very awesome way! you gave a great vibe here!+1
May 17 2016 22:21:39
Wade Don't let me stop you! Get in the mood and give it a go! Glad you like this...was fun for me. +0
Exotic's a mixture of ancient and modern. Two world's collide. Extremely brilliant!+1
May 17 2016 22:27:12
Wade Good ears Kenny! Just love modal stuff and this had just enough clues to go for a bit of exotic/strange. +0
Very very exotic ... with a ethnic flavor...good+1
May 17 2016 22:28:24
Wade Thanks GB Just love this sort of modal thing. +1
That comes across very well..and nice melody at about 1:40😊+1
May 17 2016 22:29:49
Wade Hey Mark! Thanks for the listen. Getting pretty far away from the traditional sax sound...will I ever return? +1
May 17 2016 23:09:23
Fishinmissio Of course you will..But you got that "other" sound dialed :) +1
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