Guess What (Vocals)

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Inspiration... inspiration, I've listened to the Stan's upload and this "guess what" came to me... lyrics in 20 minutes, hope my english is correct (writing and... singing)

I did some backing too more for harmony dressing than pure "Choir"
I've found the place thanks to Martin, Frank and Stan and guess what?
I liked it


August 22 2016 17:57:19
MicheleMichele sounds like David Bowie meet the kool and the gang

July 01 2016 13:05:04
mpointonmpointon Top vocal work, Tof! This is a fantastic stem from all of you. I'm sorry I didn't spot it sooner!!
+1 July 01 2016 16:30:33 mpointonTofzegrit
Merci Martin
I didn't believe myself, that was done as a guitar add: Feeling, singing just writing lyrics between:)
June 03 2016 18:57:51
ddruszkowskiddruszkowski Just saw this in the remix chain! Cool!

May 20 2016 18:33:03
aleonzaleonz Another funky vocal from you, wow you really got that mic on fire huh! very cool song Tof!

May 19 2016 04:56:48
KellsBellsKellsBells ♪♥♪ you are so fun to listen to! So much character and intonation in your voice. Just a joy my friend! :)
+1 May 19 2016 05:11:53 KellsBellsTofzegrit
Merci merci merci ma belle🎶💜
I've found the right place actually:)
May 17 2016 23:55:13
GirardGirard So the String King is on the set with a vocal! This is awesome man, really fun to hear you like this!! And now with Windy Queen too! HUZZAH!


+1 May 18 2016 00:58:01 GirardTofzegrit
Merci my friend! Yes, Patty did the job too!
And Feeling always help me... That works for lyrics writing (usually I have 2-3 adjectives or expression and that's impro. But today, I was Ernest Hemingway lol!!)
May 18 2016 01:21:10 GirardGirard
This is so much fun. This might be the best song ever lol
May 18 2016 01:25:08 GirardGirard
GUESS WHAT?! I'm still listening to it lol
May 18 2016 01:26:11 GirardTofzegrit
More than 700 jams: 12 vocals adds :)
May 18 2016 01:26:42 GirardGirard
I KNOW! It's a real treat.
May 17 2016 22:13:23
cschlotecschlote Nice.

May 17 2016 21:54:36
WadeWade Big smiles for this! Yea, you've had a busy day! Hopefully no mama trying to break your balls...certainly not me!
+2 May 18 2016 01:29:26 WadeGirard
You mean break his bulls lol
May 17 2016 21:01:35
MarceysMarceys Bowie is still alive! :)
Guess what!, way cool! Love it man! Great singing with a cool drive! :)

+1 May 17 2016 21:05:09 MarceysTofzegrit
:) today's menu:
Slap Bass - Fine smelt guitars - Vocals - Rest ... Time for work now, a funky day.. Yay yay yay🎶
Merci Marc
May 18 2016 01:17:21 MarceysGirard
Yeah I was gonna say very much like Bowie :D
May 17 2016 20:56:48
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Cool one Tof :) Funny funky time

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