That Time when... (vocals again)

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I don't know what happened but I feel Dare singing on these times
I have taken lyrics from Alice and jam with on this lovely Totally cool Track

Tell me if I must stop singing :)
Another story about a place....
Please note the excellent wah from Stan!


May 22 2016 01:45:56
WadeWade You are one of a kind! don't stop being you.
+1 May 22 2016 02:01:18 WadeTofzegrit
Promise 🎶
A new one from today with Marc... I can't stop :)
May 20 2016 18:31:30
aleonzaleonz Just got back to the loops, and found this track, always cool to hear you singing with your unique style Tof, you flow very great through the track, and so cool to hear other sing my words on the song :) good job Tof!

May 19 2016 20:23:44
GirardGirard There is no way for you to know this but one of the things that makes your singing so cool is the "French accent" on your English. Americans LOVE British accents, and the accent when French people speak English.

It adds a charming character to the vocals that you can't fake. The only problem for you is you cannot hear it!

I have no idea how my accent sounds to someone in England for example, or how my English would sound to you.

Living in NY, I suspect I sound "RUDE" to people, perhaps angry or harsh by default.

TO me you sound very charming. I just love the accent. Like in English we would say the word "yours" like [YORZ]. WHen you sing it it comes in as [Yoooss] and it sounds awesome haha

+1 May 19 2016 22:33:25 GirardTofzegrit
:) thank you!
It's true that language could be a "brake" for me (us) but if it becomes a special secret bonus 'weapon'... It is a complex for sure but the fun is stronger!!!
I appreciate your feedback my friend.
May 19 2016 22:35:08 GirardGirard
It is NOT a break, or a problem, it works for you and awards you charm factor.
May 19 2016 23:02:55 GirardTofzegrit
I talked about "hesitation" when I wrote "brake". I hope there is fun and jokes understandable too in lyrics I write myself (not these ones from Alice) :) :)
I ham yoorss!
May 19 2016 16:20:55
GirardGirard Keep singing don't stop I love listening to it. Seriously

May 19 2016 16:19:50
GirardGirard I love your style man it really is unique and fresh!! Full of energy. I think you and Marc should sing a lot together!! WIndy Queen too!

Not Alice she would steal the whole show lol

May 19 2016 11:55:32
UloisiusUloisius Dont stop singing my friend, it`s "wunderbar" ;o)
Great Track from you all ;o)

+1 May 19 2016 15:37:49 UloisiusTofzegrit
A UloTof soon would be an honor and would be nice for Fred :)
Thanks for your words Uli
May 19 2016 09:29:58
kennyadrykennyadry WAHHHH!!!!!! HA :D It is confirmed! I have a 25 year old Uncle :D :D :D! I love that Pere pepe para pa-tah!!
+1 May 19 2016 15:38:59 kennyadryTofzegrit
:) merci Kennito Del Perepepeparapa-tah!!
May 19 2016 07:19:36
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This is a cool one Tof!! Like Psycho said:)
+1 May 19 2016 15:21:24 frankyguitarTofzegrit
You will be in my biopic movie to tell the world how wikiloops makes me growing up in music! Because you follow me since the first day, I must surprise you everyday Franky 💜
May 19 2016 15:57:09 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
No worry Tof, I'm not a stalker LOL :D
I like what you do, most time very much, the rest only I like LOL! I have learned a lot from you, I think. And from all other most talented musicans here. As I dicovered Wikiloops I could only play a lil pentatonik . I think I can more now :)
May 19 2016 05:05:57
KellsBellsKellsBells Wonderful!!!! :D You are killing it on vocals!!! (Which is a good thing) :D Keep it up, dear! :D
+1 May 19 2016 05:09:58 KellsBellsTofzegrit
May 19 2016 00:23:26
PsychoPsycho You got your own thing going... that's unique and a good thing... well done :)
+1 May 19 2016 00:26:11 PsychoTofzegrit
Hop hop hopower is on my side, it's great you like that Psy !
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