7 Skies Of Fire

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Ok, so Basster and Lenny jump in.... a super job by these guys. So good in fact, that I went mad once again !

Did Stella have the slightest clue? =)


May 22 2016 02:04:58
WadeWade Fine controlled playing with all the elements in alignment.
+1 May 22 2016 02:31:28 WadePsycho
Thanks Wade, I try to get it right, or it's not satisfying or worth sharing. Sometimes I think something is good but it's not and vice versa. I guess that's the musicians dilemma :) It's friends like you that really help with that !!
May 24 2016 06:29:26 WadeWade
Well we are trying. In my case my wife remind me that I'm very trying.
May 20 2016 01:18:19
GirardGirard Go read the comments on Stella's track. I PM'd Basster and asked him to put bass on Stella's track because I heard this kind of jam in my head just from Stella's track lol. WOOTZ i'm having fun matchmaking haha

May 20 2016 01:14:24
GirardGirard DAMN what a track WOOT! The Great Psy everyone. This is unleashed savagery.
+1 May 22 2016 02:27:19 GirardPsycho
It's what I like best my friend, never fear, No matter what other crap I play, I will always have a new one of these on the horizon :) Thanks for such kind words Girard !!
May 19 2016 20:53:34
ivaxivax fantastic Psych :)
+1 May 20 2016 00:51:10 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... someday I might try to become sane, but I'm getting old so it is unlikely :)
May 19 2016 19:35:49
heliandrosheliandros Perfect, absolutly!
+1 May 20 2016 00:49:39 heliandrosPsycho
Thanks once again heli... I love this stuff... it's nuts, but that is me all the way :)
May 19 2016 18:43:27
FrankieJFrankieJ I'll have a dose or maybe two of your madness :)
Fabulous playing Psy!

+1 May 20 2016 00:48:37 FrankieJPsycho
LOL... you do it all my friend. I admire what you can do. Just the same I appreciate you listening to my craziness :)
May 19 2016 16:38:10
StefStef Let's rock!! Great lead guitar Bruce! :)
+1 May 20 2016 00:45:50 StefPsycho
Stef, this is the real me. I would play in the garage all night long doing this very thing many moons ago. It's taken a bit of time to limber back up... and still a ways to go :) Thanks man !!
May 20 2016 01:24:03 StefGirard
Aw Bruce, like I keep telling you, unleash the Krakken. There is nothing in your way! When you do unleash, you are very fun to listen to. And as I said, when you go for the super slow mush jams, it's kind of not as exciting. Music for me is about high energy and excitement! And..you know how to bring it.
May 22 2016 02:32:34 StefPsycho
May 19 2016 12:05:13
UloisiusUloisius very, very cool Bruce ;o)
+1 May 20 2016 00:43:40 UloisiusPsycho
Thanks Ulo... I really thank you all for taking the time to listen... means a lot :)
May 19 2016 10:06:34
TG_StratTG_Strat Cool track, classic Psycho!
+1 May 20 2016 00:42:46 TG_StratPsycho
Thank you TG... great to see ya buddy. Yup, I'm very predictable and can't hide from myself :)
May 19 2016 10:06:31
AKchenAKchen fab rock number, great playing :)
+1 May 20 2016 00:41:17 AKchenPsycho
Thank you AK... I am hearing this later and it isn't too bad. Sometimes these come out ok :)

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