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Two days ago the 18 year old son/nephew/brother in law of friends was killed in a stupid & most regrettable traffic accident. Only met him a few times on our customary Friday afternoon motorcycle rides & what struck me immediately was he had a generous heart THIS SIZE, a young man chock full of potential, now gone.. Soppy sentimentalism isn't me but when i picked up my bass, i had him & his family in my thoughts & this came about. To you ...


Damn my heart hurts. This is amazing.+1
Was on your profile to see how "The Great Night Shift" was going. Instead I got this sad information, but your playing is very touching and goes right to the heart. Great playing man. I wish I knew how to get emotional note sequences going like this.+1
May 28 2016 03:41:42
nuno1959 As i said i only met/was with him a few times. He was the son/nephew & brother in law of REALLY nice people we become friends recently through a cousin of mine & what really struck me was only 10 days before we had been out on our customary friday motorcycle ride in the mountains & what a stand up guy he was : 18, his head on his shoulders, hard working, going to school w/ good grades, super positive attitude, the sort of person whose presence was enough to automatically brighten up a group you know what i mean ?
Being that age & w/ that personality, the sky would've been his limit, such a senseless waste & basically this was what was going through my mind when i started playing & this just kind of ''happened'', probably w/ a nudge from my subconscious but..
May 28 2016 03:43:07
Girard Makes me wonder if some people learn the intended "lesson" in life and just get to go to good place sooner. +1
May 28 2016 03:43:46
Girard *The* +1
May 28 2016 03:45:43
nuno1959 It's possible but trust me, we NEED a LOT more people like this around : this planet is turning into a sombre place in the hands of some weird people... +1
May 28 2016 03:46:59
Girard Yeah this is hell that's the secret. +1
Very nice tribute Nuno. My neighbours nephew was killed in a bike crash 2 years ago, he was 16. Ride careful Nuno!+1
May 24 2016 03:00:06
nuno1959 Thanks Ake & sorry to hear about it as well..
It's shocking since they are so young & had all their life ahead !!
lo siento mucho y te acompaño en el sentimiento+1
May 22 2016 14:30:34
nuno1959 Muchas gracias Carlottis !! +0
So sad. Good that you have inspiration to honor that person.+1
May 22 2016 14:30:10
nuno1959 Indeed Wade, sad & useless &…... +1
Unfortunately, a very sad occasion for this beautiful template, i am so sorry for your loss.+1
May 20 2016 13:51:32
nuno1959 Many thanks Uloisius, much appreciated +0
What a lovely piece, but the occaison is so sad!
I'm so sorry about your loss Nuno !
May 20 2016 13:50:47
nuno1959 Thanks Franky, it just seems so senseless.. +1
May 20 2016 13:52:22
frankyguitar Yes my friend, I know this feeling, unfortunately ... +0
Lovely piece Nuno. So sorry for your loss.+1
May 19 2016 23:15:53
nuno1959 Thank you Piper, it's everybody's really.. :| +0
Great tribute!!! And so sad to know that...+1
May 19 2016 22:22:00
nuno1959 Gracias amigo, una perca para todos nosotros.. +1
cody tripp
Perfect tribute. Sorry to hear about this.+1
May 19 2016 22:21:18
cody tripp
nuno1959 Thank you Cody, can't begin to imagine what his parents are feeling right now.. +1

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