Morning Dawn (in the backseat)

Remix step #3 (playing)


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Dr. I have a burning sensation! Adding some bass to Marc and Dafunky's very pleasant and musical track with my atk fretless. Hope it suits! Thanks for the fun jam guys!! :-)


May 22 2016 20:25:56
Fantastic sound! A great bass add Pudsy! :)
+1 May 22 2016 22:08:38 Stef Ernie440
STef ... thanks a lot :)
May 22 2016 11:00:34
That's a heavy duty lineup! Great track Ernie!!! You got it goin' on man!
+1 May 22 2016 12:18:29 Girard Ernie440
May 21 2016 10:10:01
Nice feel on this one :) Sounds good!
+1 May 21 2016 14:59:00 jaeusm Ernie440
Pudsy kindly thanks you for dropping in and taking a listen! :) :)
May 21 2016 06:56:01
+1 May 21 2016 14:59:16 k9 Ernie440
hey k9, thank you!
May 20 2016 21:22:31
You know how to give the right accents and walk in a cool flowing way between the parts and glue them together! :) great man! :)
+1 May 20 2016 21:23:56 Marceys Ernie440
Glad you like it my friend! :) It's cause I'm a backseat driver! :)
May 20 2016 21:40:51 Marceys Ernie440
I also got to tell you Marc, we bass players, well most of us I guess would be nowhere without people like you on keys and guitar players composing things that sound like songs on top of drums. No little feat by any means .. keep up the good work!! Great stuff. (tell that to Paul McCartney) hehe
May 20 2016 21:49:39 Marceys Marceys
That's cool to hear pudsy! Think we need each other! A band needs all instruments, drum, bass, guitar, keys, brass, vocals....
When i try something new I try to think like a bassplayer sometimes a leave some playing out so it can be filled in by a bassplayer! The coolest thing is to hear how tracks evolve! Got addicted to that magic! :)
May 20 2016 22:00:34 Marceys Ernie440
Good to know, about leaving spaces like that, smart and you're right .. super addicting, worse than sugar! Still, I don't find it the same as playing live but how could it be, something I do miss here is something you just mentioned ... leaving spaces to actually do a bit of free form jamming, sometimes there's isn't enough space. A guitar play for instance, instead of riffing through an entire track, would slow down a bit and leave a spot with some really cool rhythm chords, that would really please a bass player! Well in the future we won't even need instruments .. it will all be in our minds .. maybe it already is ... wooooooo spooky. :)
May 20 2016 21:08:17
your bass gave a sweet warm feeling to the song Ernie! very cool!
+1 May 20 2016 21:10:18 aleonz Ernie440
Al ... thanks very much! :) :)
May 20 2016 20:59:39
Pit BrettPit Brett
excellent bass!
+1 May 20 2016 21:07:47 Pit Brett Ernie440
Gracias Pit! :)
May 20 2016 17:51:52
Super bass Pudsy :)
+1 May 20 2016 18:20:09 titi Ernie440
titi - thank you! :)
May 20 2016 16:57:40
Very very cool track Pudsy
+1 May 20 2016 18:20:27 TeeGee Ernie440
gracias dear TG
May 20 2016 16:12:54
your moody & deep bass fits great here :)
+1 May 20 2016 18:34:49 Carpenter Ernie440
hey thanks Carp!)
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