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I did add a TINY BIT of extra harmonies, but this was mostly to have some parts stand out a little more, including the main tracks. I think it sounds a little better now, but only slightly.


May 22 2016 21:49:26
I love the groovy melodicism. You get better and better, every time I hear you play, keep up the good work Haffast!
+1 May 22 2016 21:51:50 King1971 Haffast
Thanks a lot king! I really appreciate that brother.

I put up a remix of this with Shum's part doubled and it sounds AMAZING JUST for doing that. Keeps and bounds better than this one, seriously.

Actually sounds like a real song now
May 22 2016 13:46:42
Nice little additions there. Overall mix sounds good. Love the little riff that starts at :58. You repeat it several times. I like the note progression and the harmonies you put with it. Very cool! Adds a certain feel to the tune. And of course your solos.... :D :D
+1 May 22 2016 17:39:55 KellsBells Haffast
Aww... Thanks for the feedback! When I posted this, I didn't realize he'd remixed his track. I JUST threw his remix on top of his original and now it has this thick, badass sound to it! The whole thing sounds WAY better now.... WAY better!

And this sounds thin and tinny compared to it. Lol
May 22 2016 18:15:59 KellsBells Haffast
Crap. Well, I think I talked myself into uploading a remixed remix because it sounds a million times better than this... Lol
May 22 2016 18:16:35 KellsBells KellsBells
Do it!!!
May 22 2016 02:08:11
Miss the killer playing man... great job on this :)
+1 May 22 2016 02:11:31 Psycho Haffast
Thanks a lot, Psycho! I miss staying up to date on everyone's tracks!

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