Morning Coffee at Dawn...

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I blame Girard for getting me in this funky mood.... nice lead slot available...


May 23 2016 04:35:56
mortheolmortheol Man David...I am catching up my music here. I had not much time for the loops this weekend.
You were on a roll...Great stuff:)

+1 May 23 2016 06:56:00 mortheoldavidaustin
many thanks Mort, this was a fun weekend.
May 22 2016 20:09:09
MarceysMarceys Cool groove David! :)
+1 May 22 2016 21:05:49 Marceysdavidaustin
many thanks, pleased you like the add, the music pulled me in.
May 22 2016 13:13:33
KellsBellsKellsBells Great funky rhythm David. Like the little breakdown at 2:20. Wide open for lead! Nice job! :)
+1 May 22 2016 13:41:17 KellsBellsdavidaustin
and lyrics????? hint.
many thanks, pleased you like this add.
May 22 2016 13:58:29 KellsBellsKellsBells
You know...I love the music but funk is always something I've had a hard time writing lyrics for. There have been so many great funk tracks on here that I have listened to over and over and....well, I draw a blank. :/ I need to get the funk outta this funk that's funking stopping me from singing the funk! Ha! Can I blame Girard too for not being able to write funk lyrics? Ha-ha You seriously did a great job with your guitar here. :)
May 22 2016 18:44:09 KellsBellsdavidaustin
Hmmm, funk is not my thing, great music.. but rock and blues is my main theme, I just like experimenting.
May 22 2016 12:23:48
Ernie440Ernie440 SUPER GROOVY DAVID!!
+1 May 22 2016 13:42:36 Ernie440davidaustin
pleased you like this, I hope someone comes in with a funky lead!
May 22 2016 11:49:44
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect?)
+1 May 22 2016 13:44:27 Lenny Cowlerdavidaustin
many thanks Lenny, smooth piece of music to add to, great fun.
May 22 2016 11:07:28
GirardGirard Cool David, i'm interested to see what kind of lead gets added on now :D
+1 May 22 2016 13:46:56 Girarddavidaustin
thanks G, after playing on your track with this style I had to try this, thank you for all the encouragement.
May 22 2016 19:14:57 GirardGirard
Yeah sure man no prob lol
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