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A bit of rock'n on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to those before me for the means to go wild again =)


May 30 2016 17:08:52
axenvocsaxenvocs smokin

May 26 2016 19:38:19
PeterVeillonPeterVeillon I was waiting for my day off to fully enjoy this remix. Absolutely worth the wait. Bruce, my hats off to you. You rocked this start to finish. Always a pleasure jamming with you
+1 May 27 2016 16:33:23 PeterVeillonPsycho
Likewise... I totally enjoy jamming with ya Peter... not everything works, but many do. I think this worked ok and sure thank you for throwing it up here, it's such a cool track :)
May 24 2016 10:48:26
gwailoahgwailoah Agree with Jae, this is definitely your groove!
+1 May 27 2016 16:30:22 gwailoahPsycho
Indeed it is... I'll never get past playing this stuff as my mainstay, but still love trying the other cool things here. thanks a ton gw :)
May 24 2016 07:35:57
WadeWade Boy this just cooks! Love what happens at the end (from 2:38)
+1 May 27 2016 16:29:07 WadePsycho
Thanks Wade, been trying to catch up with all the fine comments you guys are so generous with. This was pretty cool to play :)
May 23 2016 22:04:01
abuitremoremabuitremorem great :)
+1 May 24 2016 01:00:09 abuitremoremPsycho
Thank you so very much abu, means a lot to have you guys listen to this stuff :)
May 23 2016 10:39:19
AKchenAKchen SUPERB :)
+1 May 24 2016 00:59:19 AKchenPsycho
You are my sunshine AK... I always appreciate you stopping in to hear this wild man... thanks gal :)
May 23 2016 09:58:49
kennyadrykennyadry Perfect for my Lazy Monday! This just give some energy boost Bruce!
+1 May 24 2016 00:58:02 kennyadryPsycho
If I ever get to the point where I play only lullabies will be the day I quit... thanks Kenny :)
May 23 2016 08:24:51
rp3drumsrp3drums yeah, this is really awesome! Love it...
+1 May 24 2016 00:56:39 rp3drumsPsycho
You are the man Rp3... the beginning of it all here and man it was fun to play. Super group of players indeed.... too much fun... thanks :)
May 23 2016 08:05:54
UloisiusUloisius K I L L E R ;o)
+1 May 24 2016 00:54:52 UloisiusPsycho
Well thanks Ulo, I really appreciate the kind word(s) my friend :)
May 23 2016 04:02:39
DannyKDannyK Nice shredding!
+1 May 24 2016 00:50:16 DannyKPsycho
A killer mix Danny... soon as I heard it I had to give it a go. Thanks for the wonderful mix, and the listen :)
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