Enfermé Dehors (Locked Out)

Remix step #5 (playing)


Tofzegrit1013 jams Supporter
+ 23
One more time, that was coming to me like that
When I've checked the Stan's upload.... Pafff! that rockgroove so good
So let's Do a Song across the guitars fight
A big thanks Frank, Ray, Brian and my french mate;)

Here is the story for these french lyrics
Just have to go out few minutes to empty the trash can, go downstairs but containers were in the street, so go out... too late, main door is closed and... no keys in the pocket (no pocket), smart old home shoes on feet... Locked Out


September 15 2016 16:54:44
NewbieSaxNewbieSax Awesome. Go Frenchman. What a tune!!!!!!

June 20 2016 06:55:40
KellsBellsKellsBells Wowsers! A crooner and a rock singer too! Smooth and intense! A talent all around Tof! :D :D :D Powerful voice in this one!
+1 June 20 2016 07:09:33 KellsBellsTofzegrit
My rebel side :)
May 25 2016 02:17:35
FishinmissioFishinmissio You're crazy :) In a good way :)

May 24 2016 22:44:07
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr A song in a key of "Lost" :) super délire Tof

May 24 2016 09:53:03
rp3drumsrp3drums That's what it sounds like in French to be pissed off! :) very cool. And ya it sucks to get locked out of your house.

May 24 2016 08:55:11
aleonzaleonz I'm with Wade, quite intense yet you rock the track!

May 24 2016 07:58:44
WadeWade Intense...and good.

May 24 2016 02:52:36
nuno1959nuno1959 Love it, i actually think i had never heard you sing !!
So, from what i've seen & heard, what is it exactly you can't do ??.. ;)

+1 May 24 2016 03:42:36 nuno1959Tofzegrit
It's a new hobby!!
That is my 15th singing 🎶
Don't miss the one I did this week end with Marc... 73657 it's about Vacuum cleaner :)
Merci Nuno
May 24 2016 02:16:39
bhunt1bhunt1 awesome - great feeling in your singing!
+1 May 24 2016 02:43:29 bhunt1Tofzegrit
Merci ! It's new for and from me but I seriously like that!
Check "The Carpet Predator" it's a funky song done with Marceys... If you want 😊
May 23 2016 23:18:51
GirardGirard Very good man! I hope you get back in the house lol
+1 May 24 2016 00:13:57 GirardTofzegrit
sometimes, story does not concern me :) but I like the Daily life troubles as inspiration !
Thanks for the listening, I must shred soon now !
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