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Ok so Sorry to post this same one again. It had so many GREAT remixes by great musicians, but I just felt like it needed something. You know how you just don't feel like something is finished? I remixed the guitars, added a second guitar track and added some chorus, reverb, EQ and Compression. I raised the volume in some of the whispers and this time I got them in the HD download along with the main vocals. Putting the backing vocals on that same track would have made remixes a nightmare so they still aren't on the vocal download. I also added a thunderstorm to keep with the mood. Cody-Tom's guitar was spellbinding. Mixing is not my strong suit, but at least I feel this one is finished on my part. If you stayed with me through all that explaining, you are a trooper. Thank you for the music Tom! :)


September 11 2016 05:25:17
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal KellsBells

August 09 2016 20:35:44
FrankieJFrankieJ Lovely

June 29 2016 17:47:20
TofzegritTofzegrit I'll be back:)
+1 July 05 2016 15:39:48 TofzegritKellsBells
I'm so glad you came back! Loved the new remix! :D :D
June 20 2016 16:26:52
PsychoPsycho Again you did a great job of mixing... the toughest part I think. Another great song re-vamped !!

June 04 2016 05:26:58
Danalyze45Danalyze45 outstanding...nothing more to say :)

May 28 2016 07:42:08
HaffastHaffast Beautiful Kelly! Stunning, atmospheric, haunting, and enchanting! You and Cody did a Magnificent job with this!

Love it! :)

May 27 2016 14:19:02
RobMRobM You have such a beautiful voice Kell and you did it proud with this one. Sounds Awesome !!! :) :)

May 26 2016 20:37:01
JoshDexterJoshDexter You like your long winded intros don't you. But I wasn't expecting what came next. It was me. I came next. This is awesome.
+2 May 26 2016 20:39:21 JoshDexterKellsBells
Hahahaha. I have no words...thanks? Lol
May 27 2016 00:40:16 JoshDexterJoshDexter
You're welcum :)
May 26 2016 16:38:55
pklieschpkliesch You made it perfect, Kelly!!! :)
+1 May 26 2016 20:39:43 pklieschKellsBells
Thank you Patrick! :)
May 25 2016 13:13:11
Sugar-SkinSugar-Skin Hello Kells Bells, I thanks for this wonderful song with so much atmosphere.



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