Tu ven a mi (Cort Bass Rumbero)

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If you hear this Flamenco Rumba and move the foot or head with the beat then you like ... I made a line of more "rumbera" bass on the great line of piano and bass Luis (with its sensible forgiveness) and also I have doubled the duration of the track, because it is simply charming and you know my weakness for Latin rhythms ... I fall short when I first lap .... the end with the mixer has been a upright bass sound flamenco excellent. I used Cort A5 bass.. The lyrics and the voices of Eva and Belen sublime of course


June 04 2016 16:03:32
TofzegritTofzegrit Here I am !!!

May 28 2016 07:53:06
WadeWade Yea, you've got this well covered. Was there ever a question of you jumping on this?
+1 May 28 2016 09:58:18 WadeGlezBass
I did my part according to listen to the online version
May 25 2016 23:41:26
ivaxivax Esa gracia Rumbera ,mis paisanos :)
Rumba grace, my countrymen

May 25 2016 19:56:43
Ernie440Ernie440 It's like RobM said ... instant head movement when you hear this bass line, haha .. really good Glez! This style is great. :)
+1 May 25 2016 20:18:22 Ernie440GlezBass
Ha ha the flamenco fusion is very groovy ....yes. Thanks Pudsy. It is a style of bass you have to explore, when you take the groove is very enjoyable as well as blues, pop, jazz, rock, latin jazz ....
May 25 2016 21:24:06 Ernie440Ernie440
That's my next study project for wikiloops I guess .. Latin Bass! :)
May 25 2016 11:54:53
tyros4tyros4 El bajo upright es el mega!acoustic bass de los yamaha 😂
Esq si utilizaba el otro del kontakt se petaba el pc y no podia asiq utilice ese del mismo teclado jajaja
Pero bueno para esto suena bien

+1 May 25 2016 12:02:00 tyros4GlezBass
Sonido espectacular del contrabajo, espero que te haya gustado la sobrelinea jeje, yo he disfrutado un monton siguiendola, temazo de flamenco fusion...
May 25 2016 11:51:10
tyros4tyros4 Muy bueno 👍

May 25 2016 10:15:32
kennyadrykennyadry WOW!!!!

May 25 2016 03:50:40
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Very cool track, well done !! I dig it :)

May 25 2016 01:28:48
UloisiusUloisius wonderful ;o)

May 25 2016 01:25:13
RobMRobM Instant head move, so instant thumb :)
+2 May 25 2016 01:27:24 RobMGlezBass
The Rumba it´s very groovy, my friend...

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