Trip, Rock, and Roll

Remix step #3 (playing)
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B427134 jams Supporter
+ 6
Added bass. Actually intended it to have a different segment, but I think this worked out pretty nicely. Don't have all my speakers to triple check audio, so I hope it sounds ok. Thanks for a great template guys!


June 21 2016 06:09:19
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom
+1 June 21 2016 17:22:10 francisco alB427
Thanks man! 😎
May 26 2016 11:36:41
axenvocsaxenvocs nice one
+1 May 26 2016 12:30:15 axenvocsB427
Thanks man!
May 26 2016 09:33:13
ivaxivax fantastic Bryan, thank you for that great bass, in fact in my headset sounds quite nice, good work friend :)
+1 May 26 2016 12:29:57 ivaxB427
Thanks man! Thanks you for this one
May 26 2016 07:22:26
GirardGirard This is a really nice job. I like that a lot. Your levels are very tasteful but you are audible just fine. Nice mix. I need to work on that myself haha. I'm way biased toward too much bass.
+1 May 26 2016 07:25:49 GirardB427
Thanks G! I agree. There are times it works better for sure, like my last one. This one sounded so nice though I wanted to make sure I didn't step all over Ivax 😉
May 26 2016 07:27:51 GirardGirard
Yeah exactly you perfectly stayed right under Xavi's gentle playing. It's really great. It's so good it's a wake up call for me. I went and listened to the add I did to this, and I feel like a buffoon now lol. I may remix that way down now that I hear how nice this came out.
May 26 2016 08:54:08 GirardB427
Wow! Thanks G!
I'm still learning for sure
May 26 2016 07:18:47
rp3drumsrp3drums really great bass add. Thanks!
+1 May 26 2016 07:28:00 rp3drumsB427
Thanks rp! Great template 😀
May 26 2016 07:30:25 rp3drumsGirard
NOw that i'm thinking about it, Ray is the one who told me he likes bass mixed on the loud side! LOL
June 21 2016 17:26:14 rp3drumsB427
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